Utrecht, The Netherlands & Mechelen, Belgium

Who We Are


Elmer de Valk - Managing Director

“It is my mission to show customers the transformational benefits that platforms can bring to their organization and think about the way to achieve them.”

Elmer is a co-founder of Plat4mation and is responsible for the Advice4U division. He has nearly a decade of IT strategy and transformation experience, in both advising, managing and delivery roles. He is an enthusiast and Subject Matter Expert in the field of application Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology (such as ServiceNow). Elmer is able to quickly understand complex customer organizations and clarify their (PaaS) needs. With this in mind he is able to create pragmatic transformation plans that take both technical and the human components into account.


Roel Schoenmakers - Managing Director

“I get my energy from automating and simplifying processes, where you can actually notice a difference in speed and quality with the customer.”

Roel is a co-founder of Plat4mation and is responsible for the Projects4U division. He has years of service management and ServiceNow experience. Examples range from optimizing a broad range of Service Management processes to actually implementing these processes. Roel has over 12 years of experience as a project manager and architect in the fields of SaaS en PaaS.


Bas Tax - Managing Director

“I get lots of energy from helping the customers and making their tasks easier, challenging, and more enjoyable.”

Bas is a co-founder of Plat4mation and is responsible for the Apps4U division. For several years, Bas has been closely involved in setting up and implementing PaaS and SaaS projects. His focus lies on understanding the needs of the customer to ultimately achieve valuable and pragmatic solutions. Bas has over 5 years of experience in consulting, process implementations and system development.

201601 Gerry

Gerry Appeltants - Managing Director

“Bringing added value to customers is my main driver, but also making my team constantly evolve professionally gives me satisfaction.”

Gerry Appeltants has been active in the IT services sector since 1998. In 2016 he joined Plat4mation to start up Plat4mation BeLux were Gerry is now responsible as Managing Director for customers in the BeLux region. Gerry has years of management experience in several well-known IT Services companies where he carried out activities in the field of management, business development, presales and coaching of teams.


Raymond Beijerling - Managing Director

“I live to develop inspiring partnerships with customers and to get the most out of their platform”

Raymond has years of operational, consulting and management experience in the field of IT Service Management and ServiceNow. He is able to fully understand the challenges of a customer and create solutions from that perspective. Within Plat4mation Raymond plays an important role in guiding our projects and employees. He is service minded, energetic and pragmatic, making him the go-to guy for many customers.

201601 Raphael

Raphael-Fellipe Diaz Rodrigues - Managing Consultant

“I get my satisfaction from seeing the positive impact that good solutions have in the customers’ daily operations.”

Raphael has over 10 years consulting and management experience in the IT Service Management and ServiceNow fields. Raphael started his career in South America and decided to move to Europe to bring his career to another level. Raphael is one of the ServiceNow pioneer professionals in the BeLux region. He is a result oriented professional which ensures fast and good quality results with a very high customer satisfaction. Raphael is responsible for the Belgian and Luxembourg delivery team where he ensures customer satisfaction with high quality solutions based on ServiceNow.


Thijs Daemen - Architect

“I get my satisfaction from translating processes to technical solutions for the customer. In order to create a solution that actually adds value.”

Thijs is a driven and analytically strong consultant . He has almost 10 years of experience in Service Management at small and large (international) companies. With his proactive approach and technical background, he is very versatile in many different environments. He can quickly bridge the gaps between process, functionality and technical solutions. Thijs is an ITIL v3 Expert and a certified ServiceNow Implementation Specialist.


Vincent Loffeld - Management Consultant

“It is my goal to simplify and automate operations, therefore enabling people to spend more time on the enjoyable aspects of their work.”

Vincent is the Performance Analytics expert and ServiceNow certified trainer with an implementation track record at numerous large national and global ServiceNow customers. Vincent is a real team player and initiator by keeping track of the details but not losing sight of the bigger picture. He is able to quickly absorb new information, analyze and convert it into strategic planning and analysis.


Ingrid van Sluis - Management Consultant

“My mission is to advice customers in a pragmatic and enthusiastic way to create a good solution for their processes and objectives.”

Ingrid has more than 10 years of experience with IT, Facility and HR Service Management. She is a pragmatic, analytic, social and enthusiast project manager/advisor. With her knowledge and service oriented view she can focus on the objectives of the customer and create a good solution. With her positive attitude she is working on a long-term relationship with its customers and be a trustworthy partner.


Ewald Bose - Business Development Manager

I’m the Business Development Manager for Plat4mation, a software developer and ServiceNow partner located in Utrecht (The Netherlands) & Mechelen (Belgium) from where we deliver service excellence at the core of every custom made Paas solution.

Ewald’s mission: to develop well-thought-out and made-to-measure plans combining scope, cost and quality for sustainable, progressive performance of existing organisations. Ewald dedicates himself to each client with distinct commitment, trust and reliability.

If you need help with re-configuring your IT infrastructure and would like to get in contact with Ewald or someone he knows. Then do not hesitate to connect and get in touch today.


Azad Kamali - Management Consultant

Learn more, do more. That is what I enjoy to do!’


Azad has been engaged in different IT disciplines for over 14 years. Holding both technical and managerial positions, he has hands-on experience in networking, information security and datacenters as well as service design and all are backed up by an extensive academic background. He uses his knowledge and experience to help customers utilize their ITOM in the best way.



Chiel van Til - Platform Consultant

“I like to convert customer challenges in actual solutions.” 

Chiel is strong in analyzing the status quo, and knows how to initiate the transformation. With his extensive knowledge of the different processes, such as IT Service Management and HRM, he knows how to realize solutions, supported by ServiceNow.


Tom de Boer - Platform Consultant

“When your hobby as a programmer becomes your profession, performing isn’t a challenge.”

Tom creates technical solutions for complex customer challenges. His focus herein lies within ServiceNow as a platform, as well as integrating ServiceNow with other interfaces. By combining his strong conceptual ability, vivid imagination and solid approach, he is able to effectively convert a conceptual idea to a functional reality. Solving the complex technical challenges which obstruct the road to a perfectly fine tuned service is what energizes Tom to excel at his work.


Jeroen Stams - Platform Consultant

“Creating technological solutions that simplify and speed up business processes of the customer. That’s what drives me.”

Jeroen is an enthusiastic and driven consultant with the ability to quickly adjust to changing environments. His background in general construction with the focus on process optimization and analytical skills allow him to analyze processes efficiently. He thrives on creating technological solutions to optimize and simplify business processes, this allows him to deliver solutions that suits the customers’ needs.


Pim Vet - Platform Consultant

“My goal is to add value by creating efficient and high quality solutions, which are perceived as highly customer friendly”

Pim’s interest in Information Technology started in high school, and continued when he studied a broad spectrum of IT & Media, including use case definition, usability improvements, project management and technical know-how in the latest (web)techniques. Pim’s strengths lie in his ability to analyze problems from various perspectives and his broad programming skills.


Annemarie Sint Jago - Platform Consultant

“I love creating beautiful solutions, whether these are scripts that automate processes or wonderful customer portals with optimal usability”

Annemarie has a multi-disciplinary background, including mechanical engineering, product design, and new media. Her experience in both the technical, visual and user aspects of design enables her to easily translate customer challenges into technical solutions, while recognizing user experience and visual design.


Sjoerd Boersma - Platform Consultant

“Through my diverse background my strengths lie in finding effective solutions at the intersection of new media, software and communication.”

Sjoerd characterizes himself as someone who challenges himself through a goal-oriented and problem-solving approach to his work. His varied background makes him analytically strong, and allows him to easily switch between customer requirements on the one hand, and technical know-how on the other.


Paul Gerts - Platform Consultant

Paul is an IT consultant with experience in software engineering, enterprise architecture and service management. His passion lies in clarifying and improving processes. His IT background allows him to be flexible when needed and to understand the customer needs and transform these into process improvements.


Werner de Valk - Platform Consultant

“My goal is to add value by translating processes into innovative technical solutions.”

Werner has a background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and currently studies at the art academy. This combination between human insight, technical mind and creativity allows him to work the full spectrum. From design to understanding customer demands to translating these into technical implementations.


Mouhamadou Lô - Platform Consultant

“My main objective is to provide customers the best and most adequate solution for their business’s needs.”

As a generalist I would resume my skills in IT as someone who can adapt quickly to new technologies or IT domains by learning quickly and by using my existing skills. The ultimate objective is to use all these skills to bring value to customers.

Agni Delvinioti

Agni Delvinioti - Platform Consultant

“Designing excellent solutions that facilitate business processes and proactively meet customer needs is my daily drive and energy resource.”

Creativity and enthusiastic attitude lead a result oriented approach that ensures high customer satisfaction. Agni’s multidisciplinary background in Telecommunications, Computer Science and Data Science form a generalist profile with great analytical skills. Learning and adapting to new technologies is my passion. Realizing solutions that automate IT operations using ServiceNow is my current challenge.


Kenny van der Horst - Platform Consultant

“I make good use of my super powers by converting great ideas into even greater products.”

Kenny is a young talented software engineer. At Plat4mation he operates within the ServiceNow platform to create custom web applications which simplify several business processes for our customers.  This is done by implementing creative ways to make data more visually attractive, structured , interactive and explorable.


Guus Hutschemaekers - Platform Consultant

“Finding smart solutions for complex problems, constantly challenging, and always moving forward with the people I work with are the things that make me love what I do.”

Guus has as mixed background with degrees in Chemistry and Innovation Sciences, and has some years of experience with designing and building platform solutions. He is a peoples person with a pragmatic approach aiming to achieve goals fast and efficiently, and performs optimally in agile projects.



Jesse Baas - Platform Consultant

 “My mission is to create rich web-based solutions to turn the dreams of the customer into reality.”

Jesse is a talented software-engineering student, that focusses on delivering quality custom applications that extend the base ServiceNow functionalities through custom interfaces and processes. His goal is to use his personal expertise and experience to deliver a rich user experience.


Christian Ensing - Platform Consultant


Dries Meerman - Platform Consultant

 “It is my mission to create custom applications that help customers reach their goals as efficient as possible by automating processes that computers can handle.”

Dries works on custom applications that operate within the ServiceNow platform. He creates the custom user interfaces that make it possible to visualize and interact with data that suit the customers needs.


Anke Oudijk - Platform Consultant


Tuan Nguyen - Management Consultant / Software Architect


Rob van der Kroef - Platform Consultant



Gina Goldberg - Platform Consultant


Paul Hoogenboom - Platform Consultant


Bionda van Hoeven - Marketing Manager

Bionda van Hoeven - Marketing Manager


Jochen Vos - Management Consultant

Jochen has proven to be a goal-oriented and enterprising consultant with a strong analytic capability. With his experience he is able to advice customers about project portfolio management. He is able to give a clear understanding of his knowledge and insight, and achieves a high acceptance with his humor and persuasiveness. He has over a decade experience in advising clients how to organize project- portfolio management as well as hands-on experience as project manager, PMO-lead, change manager, engagement manager and trainer. As PPM knowledge lead Jochen is responsible to build upon the strong track record of Plat4mation on successful ITBM implementations with high customer satisfaction.


Joost Dirkson - Management Consultant

 “Customer experience comes first, always design processes with this leading principle in mind”

Joost has extensive experience in education and training , bringing his students, colleagues, employees and organization to a higher level. For the last 9 years, as Head of Service in higher education, he realized a transition towards focus on the customer experience and creating user-friendly applications. He now uses this practical experience to help customers realize solutions and processes that people actually like to use, making both customers and operators enthusiasts of the ServiceNow platform.


Merel Markusse - DevOps Consultant


Sylvi van Duinen – Office Manager


Anouk van Daalen – HR Advisor


Mariska Dalmulder – Sales Consultant


Tim van Leuverden – Platform Consultant


Geert-Jan Slot – Management Consultant (ITOM)

“Getting things done and delivering working solutions that really work and improve ‘the business’ is what drives me professionally”

Over de last decade Geert Jan optimized processes and outsourced IT for many different companies. He had different roles but was always active within the fields project management and delivery. With a broad experience, open attitude, analytical mind and can do approach he delivered many great projects. Now he is working on expanding the ITOM practice and uses the platform to help customers making the next step in their IT operations by implementing a service aware CMDB (to create visibility, increase availability) and automation (cloud management and task automation).


Jakub Longauer – Platform Consultant


Ezra Hortensius – Platform Consultant


Frank Derksen – Platform Consultant


Maurice Jaso – Platform Consultant