Utrecht, The Netherlands & Mechelen, Belgium


Offer your employees an easy and efficient way to reserve meeting rooms with the Rooms4U App. This is a ready-to-use meeting room reservation module, with a intuitive Graphical User Interface. Check which meeting rooms are available and reserve in one go! This App is Helsinki certified.

Rooms4U in ServiceNow
Is used for reserving meeting rooms (recurring). All application properties can be easily adjusted.

Rooms4U Exchange integration
Make it possible for your employees to book their meeting rooms directly from their outlook client, from a single screen where they also send out the meeting request to their invitees! The Rooms4U Exchange Integration makes it possible for making meeting room reservations from within Outlook and both ServiceNow. The Rooms4U App is a pre-requisite for this application.

BookNow devices
A physical device mounted on each meeting room for direct room reservations and meeting status overviews. Booking a room is possible via the Mobile ServiceNow App.

Visitor & Catering Add-in
Our Add-in allows for easy visitor registration and catering request. Register visitors, reserve parking spots, request lunch from a single interface with the Visitor & Catering Add-in.

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