Play our ServiceNow CSDM Game for free!

Customers playing our ServiceNow CSDM game

Ten limited editions of our legendary ServiceNow CSDM game in which you’ll also learn how to set up a reliable self-healing CMDB, free of charge (valued at EUR 5000!)*. Take your shot and register now!

During the game, we’ll go over some common pitfalls during CMDB implementations and explain how exactly our self-healing CMDB approach establishes a reliable CMDB. You’ll also get practical yourself with service mapping.

Next to that, we’ll take a deep dive into the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) too, and we’ll share our approach and experiences from implementing the CSDM across a wide variety of industries and organizations.

Why pursue a reliable CMDB?
You can only improve what you measure, and you can only measure what you know exists! A reliable CMDB will enable your CIO, IT Operations and other leaders to meet their objectives and it eliminates waste in your organization. Cut time that is spent on e.g. manually extracting and reconciliating data from multiple sources or people being unable to extract the information that they need from the CMDB.

Session details

  • Duration: app. 3 hours
  • Group size: 8 people (to allow for in-depth discussions and active involvement)
  • Hosts: 2 consultants
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online via Miro, or on site (only in NL)
  • Costs: Free of charge

Dates & times

Timetable 10 free CSDM games



  • You must be a ServiceNow customer.
  • You do not work for a competitor.
  • A maximum of two participants per organization can register for the game
  • If you want to play the game with your own team (onsite), charges will apply.
  • Registrants will be screened. Plat4mation has the right to revoke your registration at all times if we deem it unfit.

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