Mature Vulnerability Response Lifecycle

Partnering with a multinational dairy cooperation, we helped them upscale their cyber security strategy to drive overall maturity of the end-to-end Vulnerability Response lifecycles. Utilizing Security Operations (SecOps), we established and maintained a Self-Healing CMDB to keep its data reliable and of high-quality.


“The adoption was smooth and provided a detailed roadmap for the subsequent phases. We can currently manage the vulnerabilities with more visibility and matured orchestration.”


Our client was exposed to manual efforts and ineffective cyber security process execution. Their vulnerability management, which held numerous risks, related to assets that couldn’t be identified with their current tools. Furthermore, key resources and capacity were not used effectively, which limited the ability to deliver better, faster and more sustainable End-to-End Cloud Virtual Reality (E2E VR) workflow.   


Our team succeeded in identifying the quick and must wins, which we refactored to Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) solutions. This contributed to the realization of the potential of managing the vulnerability response workflow with maximum automation. Overall, we eliminated the dependency on third-party vendors, which also reduced operational costs for our client.   


We adopted OOTB Vulnerability response workflow with elevated maturity level, which provided a better visibility towards their organization’s security status. We went the extra mile to ensure: 

  • Maturity of the end-to-end Vulnerability Response lifecycles 
  • A self-healing CMDB 
  • Automated workflow, replacing manual efforts 
  • Reduced operational costs 

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