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Service and Integration Management (SIAM)

Are you looking for a quick and cost efficient approach to integrate your ServiceNow instance(s) to one or more other Applications without the need for complex programming? The Interface Connector Engine (Connector4U) significantly reduces the work required to build interfaces by offering easy plug- and play functionality with minimal configuration.

The integration capabilities provides the perfect basis to setup a Service and Integration Management (SIAM) layer. Easily manage multiple suppliers.

Connector4U has the following advantages/use cases:

  • The Interface Connector Engine can be easily installed within ServiceNow, no need for additional infrastructure or software licenses.
  • Easy to create integrations with other ITSM Applications (ServiceNow and others) to exchange information related to incidents, changes, CI’s, etc.
  • Quickly build integrations to core (ERP) Applications, such as HR (Workday, Peoplesoft, Succesfactors), Finance, Facility, etc.
  • Interface stabilization and error prevention features (automatic retry, predefined data validation functions, data overload prevention).
  • Preconfigured for the interfacing of incident tickets.

Customer Reviews

Application is quite good. Delivers functionality to connect different Service-Now instances in efficient and simple way. The biggest advantage of using this tool it that you have all configuration in one place.

We (ING Wholesale Bank) were first customer whom went to production with Connector4U. PoC itself took less than one hour, after one hour we were capable to exchange incidents between two ServiceNow instances. Technical setup is surprisingly simple, it is just working! For anyone, whom want to have easy to use interface between 2+ instances of ServiceNow the Connector4U is way to go!!

We use Connector4U to connect different instances. The Connector4u gives us the opportunities to setup a connection quick and easy with any other ServiceNow instance.

We’ve used Connector4U app to connect several ServiceNow instances on a global scale. We’ve found that setting up a new connection is quick and easy and having an integrated ServiceNow landscape has proven to add substantial value to our company.

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