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Citizen Developer Framework

Shifting IT development to citizen developers

Low-code platforms like ServiceNow have matured to the point where non-developer employees can now build applications in a simple user interface.

Coincidentally, the business world has entered the era of Digital Natives, where the majority of the workforce is made up of millennials and Gen X. These generations grew up with technology, know how to use it and also like to solve problems with it.

It’s good timing for all of the above, because developer backlogs are overfull and application requests to simplify and automate work are taking way too long.

It now makes sense to delegate the simple development projects to your business owners, who, to be honest, know the requirements of their business need better than anyone else.

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Guus Hutschemaekers
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Who are your ServiceNow Citizen Developers
and how to make them successful?

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Make a head start with Citizen Dev

But how do you set up Citizen Development? How do you identify which projects are simple enough for citizens? Who are your Citizen Developers and how to make them successful? How do you ensure letting rookies create doesn’t create more work for developers (in fixing things)?

With all of this considered, we’re finding companies are hesitant on how and where to start a Citizen Developer program, and that’s why we designed a framework to put guidance and guardrails in place.

Citizen Developer Framework

Our ServiceNow Citizen Developer Framework offers a few key components to set up a program that is both scalable and sustainable, including:

  • Training
  • Creating and implementing a system of governance (incl. inhouse or Plat4mation Architecture Review Board)
  • Initial or ongoing app design, build and maintenance support
  • Building blocks when standard tools don’t provide the needed functionality (incl. integrations to other enterprise tools)
  • A tool to automate the app deployment flow

Benefits of Citizen Development

Companies who have delegated app development to citizens have been pleasantly surprised with the speed of app delivery and effectiveness of the application they built. In addition to those key benefits, you can expect to:

We’re happy to help get you started with practical use cases to prove the approach before you scale up. Contact us to arrange a custom inspiration workshop to identify development opportunities in your backlog that make sense for citizens to create using simple tools in ServiceNow’s App Engine Studio.

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Guus Hutschemaekers
Innovation & New Proposition Development Consultant