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If you want to bring smooth experiences to the workplace, you need work to flow. Our ServiceNow Experience Services bring that flow into your organization. This is how we do that.

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Elmer de Valk
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Realizing Flow Experiences

For Customers

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How we build your experiences

Our overall approach to realize flow experiences is iterative and data driven. Assuming you already started your Employee or Customer Experience journey, the first step is to measure the current experience. We analyze this data, which we use to create a UI/UX design for piloting with a selected user group. The next step is deploying the portal to production, after having communicated this change to the organization to stimulate adoption. If you’re starting from scratch, we would start with designing the experience first.

Reusable assets

We achieve implementation speed, quality and cost-effectiveness by reusing assets from our internal knowledge base. We’ve got a library full of experience KPIs, templates for UI/UX reports, widgets, test manuals, communication templates, workshop materials and more. With our assets, completing an iteration takes a few days or a single sprint instead of months.

Enthusiastic specialists

Our Employee and Customer Experience Capability group is one of the largest within our company. This group includes specialists with different skillsets, like UI/UX designers, front-end developers, mobile developers, architects, functional consultants and Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultants. Together, we form a powerful team that delivers high-quality results.

Design Thinking

We have adopted the Design Thinking methodology, an industry standard for building great digital experiences. For each step, we use a standard approach that is specifically tailored to rapidly design experiences on the ServiceNow platform. Our approach includes a set of predefined templates to boost productivity.

UI/UX design

We ensure your target audience receives an experience fully tailored to their unique demands. Different people—personas—have different needs. For example, the needs of a shop manager are totally different from those of a site engineer of a construction company. Our approach ensures the User Experience (UX) is fully tailored to personas by identifying the personas, developing empathy maps and describing user journeys. Based on this information, User Interface (UI) designs are created that will not only provide a great UX but also make optimal use of existing ServiceNow widgets. To work efficiently as possible, we use our own library of reusable content.

Pilot before roll-out

Piloting a design is an essential step before an enterprise-wide roll-out. We apply A/B testing approaches to expose new experiences to a smaller audience. During the pilot, we collect usage data and user feedback to perfect the experience, before releasing it to the entire target group.

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Elmer de Valk
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)