ServiceNow ITSM Value Scan


ServiceNow ITSM Value Scan

ServiceNow is constantly adding new and exciting features to their flagship product ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management). But the question is: are you getting the most from your ITSM product?

By conducting a free ServiceNow ITSM Value Scan, our specialists will deliver a report that will uncover untapped value like:

  • Unused licenses
  • Unused licensed features
  • New ServiceNow automation use cases saving you valuable time
  • Usage behavior patterns to assess if users are using workflows the right way and you’re capturing the right data
  • Experience level check to make sure there’s nothing wrong with your UI design
  • Platform performance to check if the platform is performing in line with user expectations

We’ll provide a standard report including our recommended next steps to fully unleash the potential of ServiceNow ITSM.

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