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ServiceNow Managed Services

Increase Return on Investment (ROI) on the ServiceNow platform

Companies consider ServiceNow as a strategic platform to digitize workflows and create great customer and employee experiences. However, many organizations are restricted from receiving an optimal ROI/value due to limited capabilities of their ServiceNow maintenance organization. With our ServiceNow Managed Services, you can prevent that.

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Sebastiaan de Vlaam
Director USA
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A versatile platform requires Elite Operations

ServiceNow is a versatile platform empowering organizations to make work, work better for people. This smarter way to workflow enables organizations to create great user and customer experiences while unlocking productivity gains for employees and enterprises.

But despite being a strategic platform, the features delivered to businesses and the ServiceNow roadmap are often restricted to the abilities of the Support team. In most businesses, ServiceNow is just a byproduct used to maintain or deliver a large outsourced service offering, like Workplace, Application or Infrastructure Services. This brings along several problems.

Treating ServiceNow as a byproduct results in…

  • The business yielding insufficient value from the platform
  • Unhappy users
  • High technical debt, endangering maintenance & upgrades
  • Platform instability
  • Slow time to market, leading to lost market share
  • Decline in brand value
  • High overall cost

Maximum value for the entire company

We aim to unlock the full potential of the platform and maximize value across the entire enterprise. The main goal of our ServiceNow Managed Services is to create quick and sustainable solutions focusing on short time to market with best quality, optimized costs and measurable benefits.

Our ServiceNow Managed Services are characterized by:

  • Platform expertise: In-depth knowledge of all ServiceNow modules. Experienced in platform optimization in complex, multi-vendor and highly integrated environments.

  • Agility: Our DevOps community has access to an extensive reusable asset library (code, widgets, best practices), significantly driving down efforts and costs—speeding up delivery and improving quality.


  • High quality: Architectural guidance and instance QA reviews are included, guaranteeing optimal platform performance.


  • Client intimacy: An effective (value-oriented) governance structure ensures we meet customer demands to maximize the value from ServiceNow—reflected in a steady overall 9+ satisfaction score.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Optimized on-site and offshore delivery to maximize quality and speed while minimizing costs.


  • Highest flexibility: We understand the dynamic demands of our customer’s businesses, which is why our model provides a quick and easy scale-up and -down of additional resources.


  • Measurable success: Our value- and experience-driven Success Services Framework ensures we achieve effective governance, start with a clear vision, leverage useful features, keep your instance healthy and users happy, and deliver measurable benefits.

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Sebastiaan de Vlaam
Director USA