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ServiceNow Platform Strategy and Advice

ServiceNow Platform Strategy and Advice – Advice4U

We can support you in developing an end-to-end vision and strategy of your ServiceNow platform and Enterprise Service Management. With our experiences (with for example ServiceNow integrations and Application Development) and resources, we can assist to optimize your Service Management capability and bring the most value from ServiceNow. Typical products are Vision documents, Roadmaps, Maturity Assessments, PID’s, etc.

What do we do?

Define initiatives


By performing maturity assessments and interviews we define the most impactful initiatives. These initiatives are plotted in time, based on the required process maturity/complexity.

Cluster initiatives to form roadmap


The initiatives are clustered into Phases/Plateaus. Based on content, value and complexity (risk) and follow one another in a logical sequence to form a roadmap.

Draft business cases/project charters


We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand the Business Case of each Phase/Plateau. By coherently undertaking initiatives synergies are possible.

Develop overall time line


Based on the constraints of your organization (resources, budget, etc.) we develop a realistic timeline to realize the Phases/Plateaus.