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We can support you by implementing best-in-class ServiceNow modules, in all Enterprise Service Management departments (IT, HR, FM, etc.). Our projects are characterized by high quality deliverables, quick delivery and high customer satisfaction (average customer satisfaction score >9).

What do we do?

Our Power Packs

Our experience implementing ServiceNow is solidified in our Plat4mation Power Packs. Using these Power Packs, we speed up ServiceNow projects using predefined apps and workshop, test and training materials.

Project Scope

The scope of projects and request for changes needs to be clear from the start. We want to invest in understanding your needs upfront to ensure our delivery stays on track and remains aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Project Approach

Our agile project approach (agile and aligned with ServiceNow StartNow methodology) ensures that focus is constantly aimed at delivering the most valuable scope within the limits of time and budget. We use our Power Packs to reduce implementation timelines and costs and introduce best practices.

Stakeholder Management

By gaining insight in the needs and perceptions of stakeholders involved in a ServiceNow project, end-user adoption can be actively managed. With proper stakeholder management we ensure that the right employees are involved in the right way at the right time.

Project Team

Our project teams consist of professionals with a passion for Enterprise Service Management and a focus on results. Our delivery teams are composed out of resources with different know-how, experience and characters. We will ensure clients are offered the most optimal mix of resource profiles to ensure a successful implementation of ServiceNow.