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Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Our consultants assist companies around the world to implement Performance Analytics within ServiceNow, using our Power Pack.

Using our Performance Analytics Power Pack, we will:

  • Train / inform management and employees about Performance Analytics and how to use this information to manage processes and act on deviations.
  • Train / inform ServiceNow Administrators to create dashboards and widgets
  • Implement Performance Analytics to steer operational processes.
  • Put in place Process Management steering reports/dashboards (for supporting Continuous Improvement plans).
  • Support Monthly reporting and KPI measurement and improvement.
  • Configure relevant out-of-the-box indicators, breakdowns, targets and thresholds.
  • Create daily jobs to collect data and scores.
  • Visualize the indicators on actionable dashboard(s).
  • Do all of the above in a matter of days!

We can assist you to increase the value of your current ServiceNow Performance Analytics implementation.

Value Scan

 Value scan

  • Gather meta data on current Performance Analytics usage
    We uncover the hidden value of your PA implementation. For example the need to improve process aligned dashboards, to clarify roles, train admins/users or improve configuration.
  • Define deliverables based on meta data results
    Create and prioritize stories together with management to determine areas of improvement.

Value Sprint

Value sprint

  • Deliver results that add the most value
    We follow the vision of monitor first, steer your processes second and finally improve your processes.
  • Create new dashboards that guides you in improving your processes by following the “Think, Configure, Collect, Visualize” methodology.