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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Keep your customers, contractors and employees safe and healthy

Safety or HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) is a key concern for companies and society as a whole. Providing a safe shopping or work environment is not just ethically the right thing to do, but also economically justifiable. For the UK alone, it is estimated that the annual costs related to injuries, illness and mortalities will be close 30 Billion GBP. For businesses, a safety culture and environment positively affect employees’ safety behavior and attitudes, helps to reduce injury rates and insurance premiums, and contributes to increased productivity by eliminating production bottlenecks. Especially in times of COVID-19, the pressure on providing a safe and healthy workplace has never been more prevalent.

Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) solution ensures your manufacturing personnel remains healthy and safe while at work. We allow you to define and enforce safety and physical distancing policies, track HSE related issues, manage physical distancing in factory offices, retail spaces and the factory floor, keep track of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inventory levels and much more.

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Keep your factory workers safe with Safety4U!

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Ensuring your manufacturing personnel is safe

Our Safety4U app is purposely build to support manufacturers to define and enforce physical distancing policies to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.  Our app supports supervisors and operators to plan and execute shop floor tasks while taking physical distancing rules into account. You can set limits that control the number of employees per work area and enforce this rule during work planning and execution. With mobile capabilities at hand, operators have an instant overview of the tasks they need to perform. GPS tracking data can be used to understand worker movement and define policies that ensure physical contact is minimized. Our solution complements the Safe Workplace Apps launched by ServiceNow.

Manage physical distancing in your factory spaces

We support our customers to manage physical distancing in factory spaces, implementing the Safe Workplace Apps provided by ServiceNow. The foundation of these applications is our 4Facility IP, which was acquired by ServiceNow. Our solution provides workflow support to check Employee Readiness and Health, manage PPE inventory levels and proactively assigns workers to desks. The required cleaning and maintenance schedules can be managed to ensure desks are cleaned after each use. This will ensure your factory spaces do not become overcrowded and stay clean.

Register, Eradicate, Investigate, Review and Prevent

Our HSE issue process is aligned with NIST 800-61 and follows the steps of Register, Eradicate, Investigate, Review and Prevent. For prevention, it helps you define and track the required actions to prevent the issue from recurring. Thanks to our mobile solution, it is extremely easy to directly register an HSE issue when it occurs and collect all related information. This ease of use is essential, to ensure small HSE issues are captured too, providing Safety Officers the data to identify patterns and adjust safety policies.

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Jim Austin
Managing Director Americas