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HR Service Management

HR Service Management – HR4U

HR4U offers a solution to quickly implement HR Service Management with ServiceNow and complementing features to support Joiner, Mover and Leaver workflows. It is built up of components in several areas that allow HR organizations to jumpstart ServiceNow initiatives.

What do we do and what are the benefits?

  • HR4U combines an intuitive and rich HR portal for employees to find knowledge, ask questions and submit standard requests.
  • With our knowledge about HR Application architectures we ensure ServiceNow will fit in.
  • To handle HR requests from employees efficiently, we have the experience to build complex business logic.
  • We implement HR Case Management fast with our best-practice approach and ServiceNow configuration.
  • Customer satisfaction will increase and costs will be reduced.

Our HR4U Power Pack contains:

Configurations, workshop and testing materials for:

  • A unique employee self-service portal
  • HR Case Management (ticketing)
  • HR Requests for Vacancy, On-boarding / Joiners, Employee Changes / Movers and Contract termination / Leavers
  • Add custom Apps for HR departments for managing expenses, request time off, enlist for training and to structure organizational transformations (reorganizations)
  • And much more…

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