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IT Operations Management

We live in a world where IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex. IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT development are more and more connected, and changes need to be made faster and 24/7. We support organizations to automate and gain control over their increasingly complex IT landscape to ensure services are delivered without interruptions, remain secure and meet the challenging and changing needs of their users.

Make your CMDB come to life

Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) should have always been at the heart of Service Management practices. Without a proper CMDB, it is impossible to properly assess the impact of changes, vulnerability to security threats and pinpoint the root cause of incidents. We observe that many IT organizations have put in place a CMDB, however the data quality (relevant, complete, compliant, accurate, etc.) is not always up to par. This is typically due to the very high volume of data.

Especially in organizations adopting Agile / DevOps ways of working, who are moving to cloud infrastructure technology (AWS, containers, Kubernetes, etc.), we observe IT landscapes are growing quickly and are becoming more complex. This means that the challenge to gain control is growing. This challenge become insurmountable for organizations that manually update their CMDB.

The ServiceNow IT Operations Management modules and platform capabilities are a perfect answer for this challenge. Not only can Discovery and advanced integrations be used to automatically update the CMDB with CIs and all available dependencies, you are also able to connect to infrastructure provisioning tools, software deployment tools and monitoring systems. This allows you to achieve a state where your CMDB is proactively populated based on implemented changes and information about the status of CIs is available in real time. This will make your CMDB data 100% reliable and aware of (upcoming) outages, while at the same time using automation to reduce the administrative costs.

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Learn about mapping interdependencies in complex IT landscapes

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Trust the experts to guide your CMDB journey

We have a team of IT Operations Management experts who support clients to effectively implement Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Cloud Management and other associated ServiceNow modules. Doing so requires that we closely collaborate with stakeholders from various departments, such as Security, Infrastructure, Network, (Technical) Application Management and many more. We have been responsible for many deployments and have condensed our experience in various assets, such as presentations and technical whitepapers. We use our assets to clearly explain to stakeholder groups what we intend to do and how the organization will benefit. We also use our data collection templates to allow your stakeholders to provide us the data we need to configure the modules.

Our holistic approach ensures we involve all stakeholders at the right time and ensure modules are implemented effectively and in the right order of priority.

AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and containers, we work at the forefront of infrastructure innovations

Many new developments entered the realm of infrastructure in recent years. Infrastructure is becoming a utility like water coming out of the tab, paying for usage. From infrastructure virtualization, to Infrastructure as a Service, to Infrastructure as Code, to Containerization and Kubernetes, our IT Operations Management specialists are equally excited about all these new developments and are riding this wave of innovation, so you can be the first to benefit. We allow you to provision these new infrastructure resources in a controlled manner and capture the resulting data in your ServiceNow CMDB. This enables you to control costs and improve service performance.

End-to-end monitoring to gain control over critical business processes

We support clients that need to control critical business processes that cannot suffer any form of outage. To do so, it essential that your CMDB includes data at various levels, from business process, to service, to Configuration Item. All these items need to be identified, related to each other and should be present in the CMDB. To reach this, we implement interconnected service maps and advanced event management functionality to provide end-to-end monitoring, so you can keep your critical business processes running.

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Use ITOM to map services

IT should not be about delivering servers and storage. It should be about delivering services to your organization/customers. Service mapping from ServiceNow helps you to not only have a clear overview of what CIs you have. But also in how they are being used. Start with a user entry point advanced technology will create a clear map which CIs are used to build us such a service. Within Plat4mation we have a team of specialist who can help you defining and mapping the services your organization delivers.

Do you want to know more? Read our blog about mapping interdependencies.

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Automating service delivery

IT users are people too. They are used to highly automated service processes when they interact with companies. Regretfully within many companies they still have to call, mail or put in a ticket to get things done. With ServiceNow it is possible to automate many tasks and by such lowering the workload for the service desk and increasing the service for your users. The platform combines a nice user interface with a strong technical ‘engine’. Most companies understand this, but find it difficult where to start, or start by automating defective processes. Plat4mation can help you by both optimizing and automating service processes.

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