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Project & Portfolio Management

Implementing ServiceNow Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) will help you to ensure you are always working on the right projects, and ensure these projects deliver the expected results.

Effective PPM is key

Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, said that “Change is the only constant in life”. The same is true for organizations. Given the fact that every organization is constrained in its resources, it is essential that only the most advantageous changes are approved and delivered. Especially in larger organizations, it is common that the amount of changes grows exponentially.

All these changes involve many different stakeholders to approve the associated investment and track progress of projects in progress. These different stakeholders need different information at different times and intervals to do their job. This provides Project Management Offices (PMOs) the challenge to collect a lot of different information from different resources, aggregated to the appropriate level and distributed to many different stakeholders.

We frequently encounter PMOs that are drowning in email, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides and Word documents to ensure this task gets done. Project managers are in turn confronted with the burden to deliver similar information in different formats to different stakeholder groups, hereby increasing administrative load and lowering the time available to actually manage the project.

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Lowering the overall administrative load

The ServiceNow IT Business Management (PPM) modules provide PMOs the means to easily capture important investment data in a unified manner and control the aggregation, presentation and distribution of information to different stakeholder groups. This improves the organizations ability to optimally align their project portfolio to their companies goals, while at the same time lowering the overall administrative load for PMOs and Project Managers alike.

ServiceNow ITBM: leader in Strategic Portfolio Management

ServiceNow is mentioned by Forrester as being a leader in their Wave™ report for Strategic Portfolio Management Tools. We believe that ServiceNow’s strengths are a combination of a powerful and comprehensive set of PPM modules (i.e. for Portfolio, Program, Project, Demand, Resource and Time management), an excellent User Experience and high degree of configurability. This ensures that we have been able to support various types and sizes of organizations (inside and outside of IT!) to effectively implement ServiceNow.

Experts and Assets to streamline implementation

We employ a team of dedicated PPM experts that understands the needs of Portfolio Managers, PMOs and Project Managers and Agile teams. We advise to follow our predefined implementation roadmap to ensure you implement modules in the correct order, where each piece of functionality builds on top of the other, increasing business benefits. For each PPM module, we have assets and an implementation approach that allows us to surface the right requirements and give clients guidance in how to stay close to best practice and out-of-the-box functionality. We ensure your PPM solution is configured quickly and implemented successfully.

PPM meets Agile

Many organizations are moving from conventional (waterfall) to agile delivery methods. ServiceNow supports both modes of operations, and offers Project Management and Agile Development modules. We believe that ServiceNow is the ideal platform to combine PPM and Agile Development practices to supporting Scaled Agile organizations.

Based on our experience implementing ITBM (PPM) modules in large Agile / DevOps organizations we developed additional Apps to ensure your teams can easily use ServiceNow in (Scaled)Agile rituals, occurring at various organizational levels. Our Agile boards Agile4U, Scrumboard4U, and KanBan4U enhances the overall User Experience, hereby increasing adoption.

Informed decision making

Whether you are working conventionally or agile, it is important that funds are directed to the changes that are most valuable to reach the goals of the organization. Our proven PPM implementation approach allows organizations to clearly define the criteria that need to be assessed to allow a comparison between initiatives. These could include qualitative criteria, but also quantitative (financial) criteria, such as detailed costs and benefit information.

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