ServiceNow Hackathon as a Service

ServiceNow Hackathon as a Service

Everyone knows ServiceNow for their market-leading solutions in areas like ITSM, ITBM, IRM and more. But not everyone knows ServiceNow is also market leader in Enterprise Low Code Application Platform (LCAP).

ServiceNow’s app development capabilities (called AppEngine) allow both Citizen Developers and Pro-Code Developers to rapidly deploy powerful workflows to effectively route work through the enterprise.

The best way to experience this power is to start doing it yourself. Our ServiceNow Hackathon as a Service offering ensures your organization will get excited, enabled and ready to build your own Creator Workflows.

The concept

We guide you through a sequence of well-curated steps to achieve success in custom app development:

Excite (FREE 2-hr workshop!)
Show the endless possibilities of the platform through example use cases and demoing existing apps.

Enable the ServiceNow development team.

Design Thinking
Brainstorm to identify meaningful use cases and design the solution. Determine the scope of the hackathon and create a design for the app.

Develop the app within 2 days. This will result in an app foundation and proof of concept, resulting in a jumpstart of both the app and your SN dev team.

Identify lessons learned and next steps. Evaluate the status of the app and determine what is required to move it to production.

Finalize the app, test it and move it to production. Apply Organizational Change Management practices to train users, stimulate usage and measure goals.


  • Educate engineers — Train admins in custom app development and prevent technical mistakes due to incorrect app development.
  • Excite the organization — By showing how to improve the work experience of employees, we excite the organization and leave you with tons of new ideas.
  • Fast development — Use of existing platform and data connections reduces project lead time and provides faster time-to-value for the business
  • Maximize investment — Improve organization-specific processes while making optimal use of existing payed-for ServiceNow licenses


Why choose us?

With over 8 years of experience with custom app development on the ServiceNow platform, 34 inhouse ServiceNow developers, 9 apps in the ServiceNow Store and having been recognized as the 2021 EMEA App Development Partner of the Year, we can righteously say we’re the most experienced Custom App Development partner for the Now platform!

2021 ServiceNow EMEA Partner Award Winner

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