With the 4th Industrial Revolution on our doorstep, production lines are becoming increasingly automated. Sensors are collecting vast amounts of operational data. This data is key in unlocking great benefits that can boost manufacturing productivity up to world-class level. But in reality, many factories still rely on paper-based workflows and use outdated systems to keep track of the work that needs to be done.

A factory-broad platform

To make factories Industry 4.0-ready, a factory-broad IT platform is needed. Working from a single, uniform interface across factories all over the world, means all operational data is stored in one place. This allows factories to make operational data actionable. ServiceNow provides such a platform. To make the platform fit for manufacturing, our sister company App4mation has built an application suite called 4Industry on the ServiceNow platform.

4Industry aims to increase Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provide a safer work environment. The platform boosts employee experience through paperless workflows with smart and modular software, taking factory productivity to the next level.

We can help you define a practical implementation strategy for 4Industry, making sure you benefit from a quick time-to-value, high-quality deliverables and high user adoption.


Dirk Seiffert Dirk Seiffert
Director DE
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Digitizing manufacturing processes

Based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), 5S, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, 4Industry digitizes six specific manufacturing processes:

  • Autonomous Maintenance (Deviation & Job Management)
  • Planned Maintenance (Anomaly Management & Planned/Corrective/Preventive Maintenance)
  • Quality Maintenance (Inspection & Defect Management)
  • Early Equipment Maintenance (Equipment & Change Management)
  • Safety, Health & Environment (Issue Management & Safe Work Permit)
  • Focused Improvement (Root Cause Analysis & Focused Improvement)

For more information about how 4Industry improves these manufacturing processes, visit www.app4mation.com.

Enhance worker experience & discover the benefits of knowledge sharing

Working from a single mobile platform means workers easily understand which tasks they need to perform and how. They save valuable time due to smart mobile features like scanning QR codes, taking pictures and uploading these straight into forms, and digitally signing off tasks. Since the interface is so intuitive, there is little to no need for training.

Besides improving factory-related work processes, a central knowledge capturing platform like ServiceNow allows you to improve the entire employee experience, including HR-related processes like on- and offboarding. What’s more, sharing maintenance knowledge across factories worldwide means you can save expensive travel costs of specialist engineers.

It’s all about Continuous Improvement

In manufacturing, everything evolves around Continuous Improvement. Because any equipment defect, SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) issue, deviation or extra round of maintenance is one too many, as it directly affects plant productivity and/or product quality.

Continuous Improvement dominates in 4Industry, especially regarding maintenance. When connecting equipment to an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data platform, you can leverage the advantages of Predictive Maintenance. By combining equipment data (running conditions), IIoT data, machine learning and analytics, the platform starts to predict when maintenance is necessary – preventing deviations altogether.

A graphical, consolidated overview of production assets and deviations further support you in driving Continuous Improvement.

Strategic & implementation advice

We can help you define practical IIoT strategies, focusing on identifying impactful results with minimal effort and data requirements. If you let us take care of the implementation of the ServiceNow/4Industry modules, you will benefit from a quick time-to-value and high-quality deliverables. So, no lengthy implementation phases. We do everything in our power to deliver quality work, as quickly as possible – that’s what we are renowned for. And by applying Organizational Change Management best practices, we drive user adoption inside your manufacturing environment, making sure the implementation is successful.


Dirk Seiffert
Director DE