How to get from idea to business app in 10 days

Even today, many employees are wasting time on labor-intensive manual processes that can be easily automated. Low-code platforms like ServiceNow are extremely suitable to solve such problems. Yet, these opportunities often remain unexploited because people believe that building good apps requires highly skilled developers and months of lead time. For many use cases, this is simply not true!

In this whitepaper, we’ll prove that. We’re literally showing you how to build a business app in just 10 days with ServiceNow—starting from Idea all the way to the Support/Maintenance phase. In parallel, you’ll find the real-life use case of Marketing Manager Abel, which illustrates how the app building process usually evolves in organizations.

Key takeaways

  • Make sure you take the time to thoroughly understand the user and their problem. This is not a one-off action, but a process of continuous involvement!
  • Start small. Scope a Minimum Viable Product that can be delivered fast. This allows for quick feedback and reduces possible waste.
  • Use a modern low-code platform like ServiceNow App Engine to boost your development to keep your applications Reliable, Scalable and Secure.


Mock-up whitepaper How to get from idea to business app in 10 days

Download the whitepaper here