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Using platform intelligence to improve flow

Intelligently tailored workflows and experiences

Our Intelligence and Analytics Services are all about measuring because you can only improve what you measure. We use ServiceNow and third-party intelligence tools to organize data that highlights process and/or user experience issues on the platform.

Based on findings, we employ additional tools to remediate and optimize a workflow so it’s as lean and effective as it can be, while at the same time, identifying how to improve the experience for the person using the workflow.

Outcomes achieved using ServiceNow platform intelligence tools to improve can focus on any or all of the following benefits:

  • Increase process efficiency to lower service costs (i.e. lower reassignments, lower average task duration)
  • Increase digital transformation ROI
  • Establish continuous improvement practices (governance, process and culture shift)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve employee experience

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Level up your IT process automation
with predictive intelligence

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A great workflow needs a great UX

The user experience (UX) and the workflow behind it are directly related, and a strong one without the other is not effective. What good is a well-structured workflow if the user interface doesn’t indicate to an employee how to get to the next step (screen) of the task?

A workflow is considered great when a simple digital interface facilitates the flow of an end-to-end process through each step without confusion, bottlenecks or redirects on the fulfiller or end-user side. Each step should link to pertinent data sources, and approvals or notifications are fully programmed to prevent delays at any stage.

A digital UX is great when all information and interactions are relevant (tailored) to the needs of a user.

Assessing the quality of a workflow

In our approach to assess and improve the efficiency of both workflow and UX, we employ and configure analytics tools that could include:

  • CIO dashboard
  • Performance analytics
  • Standard ServiceNow Reporting & metrics
  • Machine learning
  • Process mining (we mine data to determine the best possible process)
  • Predictive Intelligence

The following three examples show where these tools were applied to make meaningful changes within an organization:

1. Relieve your Service desk using Chatbot and Machine Learning

Through Machine Learning, we make sure service requests end up at the right agent or department – the first time. With ServiceNow’s chatbot, Virtual Agent, we can unburden your service desk. By analyzing previous customer cases, we identify the most common topics and based on that, we design meaningful interactions.


2. Lower MTTR and ticket reassignment with Machine Learning

Prioritizing, categorizing and routing tickets takes time, and is error-prone. To lower Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) and ticket reassignment count, we apply ServiceNow Machine Learning to ensure this task is done right. We support in carving out the right data sets to train the Machine Learning model and optimize its accuracy.

3. Level up your incident management using PA

As a long-standing leader in the area of ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA), we support companies across the globe to realize their most complex reporting objectives. Using data in ServiceNow, we are able to extract and visualize it in a way that provides actionable insights.

We configure Performance Analytics to uncover process issues, but we also offer a set of PA reports and dashboards specifically targeted to improve your capability to measure experiences.

Need a real-life example? Check out the below case study of a an IT incident management transformation.

Case study

Transferring knowledge for continuous improvement

We believe that as a partner, success entails helping you establish workflows and platform practices that are future-proof. An important part of our engagements include the transfer of knowledge and methodologies so that you can continue this process on your own, if you wish. To do this, we host training sessions, KPI tree building workshops, and establish setup and governance of the ServiceNow Continual Improvement Module.


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Sebastiaan de Vlaam
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