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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we feel the need to contribute to making the world a better place. Because we can make a difference—for people, society and nature. That’s why we continue to take new initiatives in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our efforts are specifically centered around Sports, Environment and Culture & Society.


Sports bring people together

We believe in the power of sports to build coherent communities consisting of healthy and (therefore) happy people. We sponsor several local sports teams and provide the means to steer their organization. We stimulate our employees to be actively engaged in sports and we sponsor initiatives by taking part in diverse sports events.

Our sports-related initiatives are:

  • Race team sponsorship (Singelloop, Utrecht)
  • Volleyball tournament sponsorship
  • Donation to Alpe d’Huzes
  • Youth soccer team sponsorship in Utrecht
  • Donation to CS030 Cycling Club
  • Realized a board room for the CS030 Cycling Club
  • Cycled the Tough 1000 to raise funds for the Dutch Heart foundation

Keeping our planet healthy

We want to minimize our impact on the environment to keep our planet healthy. That’s why our mobility policy fosters the use of public transportation and we minimize travels to clients or offices by using video conferencing. Furthermore, all of our offices are paperless, which means we use digital signing to sign off agreements. In our communal office areas, we offer a wide range of fair trade and biological products to reduce our CO2 footprint and we separate our waste.


A smaller carbon footprint

We’ve taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Because the smaller this footprint, the more we spare our planet. In 2018, we registered the company in the Dutch MVO-Register, a foundation helping SMBs get on the right track with CSR. Not long after, we performed a CO2 Footprint Analysis for our Dutch office. In 2019, Ecovadis conducted a CSR assessment, in which was evaluated how well our company had integrated the principles of CSR into our operations. This assessment was our first step towards an ongoing monitoring process.

In 2020, we took our efforts to a new level. Assisted by Climate Neutral Group, we started compensating our carbon footprint and were declared CO2 neutral! For that, we input data about our business travels (by car, public transport and air), office heating/energy use and use of printing paper into an analysis tool, which then calculates our footprint. We offset our CO2 emissions by reinvesting in clean energy projects. As a result, we were able to reduce our carbon footprint with 73% in 2020 compared to 2019. Our long-term goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions to zero, so we don’t have to compensate anymore.


We rise by lifting others

Committed to making a positive impact on society, we sponsor several foundations and charities. Apart from specific charity support (see below), we also keep thinking of new ways to contribute to society. For example, our X-mas gift was wrapped by a sheltered workshop, we made a generous donation to Skate4air when a colleague decided to skate a 200 km race to raise money for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and we raised 11,220 EUR for Help India Breathe in a flash auction during the pandemic.


Stichting Opkikker

We raise funds for Stichting Opkikker by collecting and recycling old mobile phones and printer cartridges at our office in the Netherlands. Stichting Opkikker organizes a series of fun events (Opkikkerdagen) for families with a sick child, so they can enjoy a worry-free day and recharge their batteries.

Creative Coding Utrecht foundation

Digital artists find new ways to use technologies, and as such, are a big source of inspiration for businesses to solve challenges in innovative and unique ways. Creative Coding Utrecht embodies this view, as they make art through creative coding. And it happens to be that coding runs through our veins too, so this foundation is really close to our hearts.

Friend of Red Cross

We support the Red Cross because we believe we can make an impact together. As a Friend, we invest in smart and innovative solutions for people in disaster areas—making them less vulnerable to natural disasters. Every dollar we invest in preparing for a disaster saves 7 euros on average in emergency aid afterwards.

In specific, we support projects in the Philippines that prepare residents in the Tacloban area for natural disasters such as tidal waves and floods. By enabling them to purchase an alert system to warn people in case of emergency, a humanitarian disaster can be prevented.


Villa Clementina: inclusive daycare for children with and without disabilitiesVilla Clementina

We are also proud sponsor of Villa Clementina in Belgium, an integrated and inclusive daycare for young children with and without disabilities.