Making work flow in manufacturing

Serving some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world, our digital manufacturing experts make work flow in your manufacturing organization with the ServiceNow platform.

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How we do it

Our full range of manufacturing consultancy services around shop floor workflows help you achieve tangible results in improving worker performance.

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Assess & define

Understand your current state of digitization, learn your potential and define the roadmap to successful shop floor operations.

  • Business Value Assessment
  • Operating Model
  • Vision & Roadmap​
  • Systems Architecture
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Build & implement

Build the solutions that fit best to your business, taking care of end-to-end implementation, ensuring successful implementations.

  • Project & Change Management​
  • Solution Design & Build​
  • Solution Configuration & Deployment
  • User Training & Coaching
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Run & maintain

We ensure solutions are running with optimal availability and performance with:

  • Solution Support
  • Platform Maintenance
  • Feature Improvements


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Harvest & improve

We show you how to make optimal use of our solutions and continuously improve for better operational company performance​.

  • Initiative Management
  • Performance management
  • Customer Success Management
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Our vision

Improving line performance with digital

A continuous focus on production line performance (OEE) is key for any manufacturing organization. Shopfloor operators should work fast, efficient and cause minimal downtime. In reality, they waste time on non-value adding activities, causing losses.

Direct interaction with other functions like HR, facilities, Marketing and IT is lacking as well. In our vision, everyone should work together on a mobile-enabled, single digital manufacturing platform that breaks down barriers, makes collaboration easy, fast and fun while driving up performance.

Want to know how we realize flow in manufacturing organizations? Check our Operating Model Blueprints for Manufacturing & Plant!

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As a manufacturing organization, can I trust Plat4mation as a solid consulting partner?

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We’ve got 7 years of experience digitizing shopfloor shop floor workflow processes across multiple client environments in more than 150 factories around the world (USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific). We consider ourselves a frontrunner in accelerating Operational Excellence journeys. With ServiceNow as our global partner and our own 4Industry product, we know how to achieve operational excellence with digital solutions.

What kind of results have our clients achieved thanks to 4Industry and our consultancy services?

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When our customers take the bold step towards shopfloor digitization, our goal is to make their operation flow. Digital shopfloor processes eliminate the need for data inputs on paper, calculations in Excel, manual information handovers and hand-written performance boards. A digital way of working provides instant consolidated insights and reporting. Decisions, from the floor up to management, are based on facts (data) instead of interpretations. Information is shared with just one tap or click, instead of via meetings or paper.

In essence, we remove all waste that comes with siloed information provisioning, unlocking easy and seamless collaboration. Key stakeholders can make the right decisions and continuous improvement is sustainable and scalable to other factories. The end results are substantial, and improvements sustainable. Driving standardization in your way of working with a digital platform leads to impressive line performance improvements.

In numbers:

  • 5% productivity increase by removing waste hours from operators and managers
  • 3-5% higher and more sustainable line performance (OEE) thanks to better information availability, knowledge sharing and process standardization
  • 30% MTTR reduction in 1-2 years’ time thanks to efficient and data-driven RCA and problem-solving processes

What are the core skills of Plat4mation’s manufacturing consultants?

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Our manufacturing consultants are experts in Manufacturing Excellence and Manufacturing Processes in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and High-Tech industries. Their skills range from strategic advice to implementation. Our consultants are laser-focused on getting the right solutions in place for the customer to really go the extra mile for the extra smile.

How do I know if Plat4mation is a good match with my organization?

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Our clients are mostly large manufacturing enterprises with 10+ factories worldwide. The client teams we work with often consist of manufacturing professionals that focus on Performance Improvement. They are hands-on, down to earth people who dare to look at the bigger picture and get problems solved. They love to challenge ideas, concepts and solutions in order to get the best for their organization. We love to work with that kind of people!

Why is ServiceNow a great platform for manufacturing?

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ServiceNow offers a great user experience. Its simple, intuitive and uniform interface helps operators to easily find functions and information they need. The ServiceNow platform is easily scalable, so it can grow with your needs, and highly configurable thanks to its low-code development features. To top this off, it’s a self-run platform which means you can maintain and expand it without the help of a third party.


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