IT Service Management

With over 100 specialists in ServiceNow IT Service Management inhouse, and having done many ITSM implementations, our goal is to set you up for success so you can take the next step in maturing your ITSM environment.

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How we do it

When implementing ServiceNow IT Service Management, we focus on creating great experiences, continuous improvement, intelligent automation, high-quality data, and staying out-of-the-box (OOTB).

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Great experiences

Effective self-service positively affects customer (employee) satisfaction and saves costs. Based on years of experience and using our library of reusable assets, we can quickly build a high-quality self-service IT portal.

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Continuous improvement

A specific set of tools and modules will drive continuous IT workflow improvement. This will lower MTTR, increase FCR, reduce P1 incidents, cut operational costs and more.

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Intelligent automation

Using Predictive Analytics, we identify major clusters of work to deploy the most relevant Virtual Agent conversations to improve self-service. We also identify and realize the most valuable automation use cases and enable Machine Learning to support automated and intelligent ticket routing.

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High-quality data

The CSDM forms the data foundation of ServiceNow, making everything in ServiceNow work the way it is intended. That’s why we’ll ensure your CSDM is set up in the right way and you can rely on high-quality data.

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Stay out-of-the-box

To maintain platform upgradeability and keep costs to a minimum, we make optimal use of newly released ServiceNow features. In other words, we stay as close to out-of-the-box as possible.

Mature or enhance your ITSM processes

If you already got ServiceNow ITSM, we can help you mature your ITSM environment to CMMI level 4/5, or if you’re stuck with ITSM processes after an implementation that aren’t quite right, we can help you fix that.



How long does a ServiceNow ITSM implementation generally take?

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On average, for an organization of 500-8000 employees, an ITSM implementation takes between 8-12 weeks to deliver a first MVP. With each organization being unique, there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

How much effort will an ITSM implementation require from my organization?

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During the implementation, we’ll implement different processes as we go. This means that not all involved stakeholders need to be occupied with the implementation all the time. We’ll also set up a core team (with members from your organization and experts from ours) which is tasked with driving the implementation.

Can Plat4mation integrate ServiceNow with other (ITSM) tools?

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We have extensive experience integrating ServiceNow with other ITSM tools. We provide a strong combination of functional knowledge and in-house tools to efficiently deliver integrations. Our own Connector4U app has been built and designed specifically to quickly establish robust connections between ServiceNow and third-party tools like SAP or Okta, for example.

What are the top 3 latest ServiceNow ITSM features?

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