IT Operations Management

After countless ServiceNow ITOM deployments, we have condensed our experience in various assets. We use these assets to effectively explain to stakeholder groups what we intend to do and how the organization will benefit.

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How we do it

Our holistic approach ensures we involve all stakeholders at the right time and ensure modules are implemented effectively and in the right order of priority.

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Every ITOM project encompasses multiple stakeholder groups. It doesn’t matter which ITOM module of ServiceNow we implement, we will always engage all respective teams and stakeholders like Infrastructure, NOC, SOC, compute, Configuration Management, Business Owners, Application Owners, IT support and more.

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Build foundation

After stakeholder engagement, together we build a solid foundation that can serve as a base for the CMDB. For this, we apply the ServiceNow Common Services Data Model (CSDM). Next, the ownership of CIs, services and processes will be defined. We are there to guide you on your entire journey, whether it concerns your virtualized environment, containerized applications, or cloud enterprise and local networks.

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Whether it is parsing a load balancer’s configuration file to find the outgoing connections, or to integrate a monitoring tool, nothing will stand our ITOM experts in the way to implement or optimize any ITOM module. Their background in IT and analytical skills will make sure that the solution will both be technically on par and that it will add business value.

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To make sure that the ITOM solution will be future proof, we will continue to guide you on how to mature the ITOM setup. By implementing new ITOM modules, the added value will significantly increase.

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Don’t just take our word for it…


Deploying ServiceNow’s ITOM in an already established cloud structure is a risky endeavour. Even if you’re using a known provider, there are always things that you miss, or are difficult to configure properly in detail. The Plat4mation team was an incredibly helpful ally in this procedure, always doing their very best, and helping in digging in our infrastructure when needed. They continuously provided the right solutions and guidance in our deployment that in any other case would have become a titanic effort.

Alexandro Mattei Gálvez
ServiceNow Technical lead / Configuration Manager at Unit4



Why choose Plat4mation for my ITOM project?

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The ITOM consultants at Plat4mation have a broad background in IT infrastructure and Cloud Operations. This makes them a perfect fit for aligning your IT Operations with ServiceNow. Also, applying the approach described above has proven its value at dozens of global organizations across different industries.

Why would I need my IT Operations to be managed by ServiceNow?

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IT Operations Management is often done by several tools, like Microsoft’s SCCM is generally used for Configuration Management, Nagios for monitoring and Ansible for orchestration. By applying the ITOM modules of ServiceNow, all such tools will be consolidated in a single pane of glass. Also, there will be a smooth alignment between your IT Operations and IT Service Management (ITSM) and Case Management (CSM) processes.

How do I know if my IT organization is ready for ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management?

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The readiness is best to compare to the maturity of your current IT organization. The main requirements are that the ITSM and CMDB are well managed and owned accordingly. Not sure if they are? No worries, Plat4mation can help you with that as well.

We have seen a new ITOM feature coming up in the next ServiceNow release. Can you already show and explain to us how it works and guide us on how we apply it to our current ITOM implementation?

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Yes! Our ITOM capability experts are always eager to get the most out of the new functionalities and they will be happy to show you what’s new. You can contact our expert below.


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