Business & Professional Services

Excellence drives retention

Delivering excellence is the key to success in Business & Professional Services. Poor customer engagement, broken workflows, inaccurate data and lack of management visibility lead to high operational costs and drive down customer satisfaction.

Lean operations

Our industry solution supports the entire value chain to help you provide world-class Managed & Professional Services – from structured fulfillment or dedicated implementation projects to resource allocation and time tracking, all the way to Customer Service and invoicing.

Enhanced profitability

A tailored self-service portal will drive customer retention and boost revenue. Optimized resource utilization will enhance your responsiveness to client needs and your bottom-line profit. Add efficiency gains and increased visibility over operational workflows to lower administrative load to that and the picture is complete.

Quick time-to-value

We support your complete journey and transform your business to achieve excellence. Since practice what you preach applies here, we can truly say we’re subject matter experts. Next to using best-in-class ServiceNow modules, our Automated Professional Services application brings along considerable benefits too.

Are you ready to delight your customers and streamline operations?

business and professional services

Supporting applications

Discover our standard applications and integrations for the ServiceNow platform. Because our applications improve your business processes, you are able to work more efficiently. All of our applications are certified by ServiceNow for platform compatibility, security and performance.


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Elmer de Valk
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)