Customer Service Management

Being the best in building awesome customer service portals in ServiceNow and having brought omnichannel experiences to many B2B/B2C/B2B2C companies before, your CSM implementation is in capable hands.

How we do it

With industry models that support all kinds of customer service organizations—in insurance, health services, energy & utilities, public transportation, finance, digital services, and more—we bring flow into your customer support processes with ServiceNow. Here’s how we create that flow.

First things first

We start with making sure customers can contact you via their preferred channel and we introduce self-service. We ensure cases are routed through the enterprise to the right person. Then we automate processes and lastly, we introduce proactive case resolution.

Implementation accelerators

Thanks to several CSM implementation accelerators, we can guarantee a quick and smooth implementation. We’ve got standardized (preconfigured) portals, workspaces, third party system integrations, case types and playbooks.

Experts in AI

With AI experts inhouse and having created and trained multiple NLU models before, we can quickly and efficiently configure Virtual Agent and Agent Assist for you—to stimulate case deflection and resolution.

International scope

We have extensive experience with configuring ServiceNow CSM to comply to international regulations. Thanks to our multicultural workforce and international customer base, we bring the right knowledge to the table when it comes to deploying ServiceNow CSM on a global scale.

Combine ServiceNow CSM x PPM!

Learn about the benefits and added value of integrating CSM with PPM (now Strategic Portlolio Management). We start with the why, showing you both scenarios: with and without CSM x PPM integration. We end with a short demo of this integration in action at a customer.


Can’t we just customize ITSM to fit our CSM use cases?

We strongly advise you not to do this. Both applications have different purposes and audiences. Tweaking ITSM to fit your CSM is doomed to lead to many hiccups, if not major problems.

How long does it take to implement ServiceNow CSM?

Of course, implementation time depends on factors like the industry you’re in, your business model and project scope, to name a few. But, on average, a CSM implementation can be done in 3-4 months. Bear in mind that, as with all implementations, a phased approach is preferred. And this holds particularly true for CSM, where there are too many features–with the number of CSM plugins–to implement them all in one go.

Can we connect the Now platform with our own existing customer support web page?

Yes. There are three scenarios here. You can use the out-of-the-box ServiceNow portals (fastest), we can build from scratch, or we can integrate your existing web page (function) into ServiceNow.

Talk to the expert

Schedule a call with one of our ServiceNow Customer Service Management experts. They’ll be happy to tell you more!