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For NL & BE only

IT Traineeships

Come learn, explore and build your network.

Techy? Or totally new to IT? No worries!

As a techy coming from university, we will challenge you to the max. Guided by the most experienced IT Tech professionals you can be sure to leave this traineeship as an expert. If you haven’t studied IT or never worked in IT, we’ve got you covered. You have the chance to jump-start your career in one of the most innovative and booming business sectors. All you need is to bring in your growth mindset and eagerness to improve processes and technology!

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IT Business Consultancy Traineeship

Have you always had a love for all things digital? Get to explore the world of IT at different customer organizations during our 2-year IT Business Consultancy Traineeship. Learn how organizations operate and collaborate with different departments like IT, Operations, HR, Facilities, or Finance. Team up with other high potentials to analyze business situations, define and develop solutions, and train customer end users. At the end of this traineeship, you’ll know whether business IT is the right career direction for you and what role you like best.

* Only available in NL.

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IT Technical Consultancy Traineeship

Jump on board our 2-year IT Technical Consultancy Traineeship if you want to explore the technical side of business IT. Learn how organizations operate and see which IT strategy, operating model redesign, capability assessment and sourcing assessment works best for each specific challenge. After this traineeship, you’ll know better how to develop yourself further as an IT Technical Consultant based on your newly gained experiences and knowledge.

* Available in BE & NL.

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The application process

Hooray, you’ve decided to apply! Let’s talk you through what happens next.


Once we’ve received your application, you’ll hear from us within 5 working days.

Capability test
Capability test

We test your personal and analytical skills to make sure you’ll be successful in the traineeship.

Meet & Greet
Meet & Greet

We get to meet you, you’ll talk with different people in our organization.


Did you make it to the end of our application process? Congrats, we’d like to offer you a traineeship!

Get the opportunity to...

Get the opportunity to…

Work on international projects

Explore different work cultures and work for major international companies like ASML, ING, AkzoNobel and more.

Travel places

In IT consultancy, you’re on the road quite often—to visit customer sites within NL/BE, or you may need to travel abroad for one of your projects. It could also occur that we or a customer ask you to work abroad for a longer period of time.

Learn, learn, learn

Because you’ll work on such different customer projects with their own business cultures and processes, your learning path will be steep. We’ll also provide you with constant feedback via team building sessions and intervision sessions, and you get the chance to follow courses and obtain certifications.

Learn, learn, learn

Hacking our way to innovation

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We love to play around with the ServiceNow platform to explore new use cases, connect new technologies and keep reassessing our implementation strategies or own business processes. That’s what we do during a hackathon! We innovate and learn new things! Continuously learning, innovating and having fun are both important pillars in our company culture. Want to know what else we value? 

Our values


Why choose Plat4mation?

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We work for some pretty major international companies, allowing you to explore cool brands and challenging projects. As a fast-growing scale-up company, we can attend to trainee’s needs on a much more personal level and deliver a tailored growth path. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a lot of different roles. We’ve supported many great professionals in becoming successful and we hope you to be the next one! Got doubts? Feel free to join our regular Friday drinks starting at 16:30 at our office, chat to our people and get a feel of our company vibe. Our doors are always wide open!

Why choose this traineeship?

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Explore diverse customer organizations that vary in size, culture and industry. Learn how these organizations operate and whether you’d be a good fit. Furthermore, you have to opportunity to fulfill several roles to explore what you like best. After this traineeship, you’ll know better how to develop yourself.

What does an average day of a trainee look like?

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You start off your day either at home, the office or a customer site. This will vary depending on your responsibilities for that day.

We work agile (you’ll learn more about this!), so we start our days with a short 15-minute Daily Stand-up with the (customer) team. This team consists of functional and technical IT consultants that together support a business process. You’ll discuss what you’ve done the day before and what you’re going to do today. There’s also time to discuss any roadblocks, so the team can help you get back on track. Now, you’re up to date about what others are doing and you can ask for support if needed.

Then it’s preparation time. For example, for a training/presentation that you’ll provide, or an interview with a stakeholder to discuss a certain topic, or a demo of a solution you’ve built.

You host the training or presentation, conduct the interview, or deliver the demo. Based on the feedback you get, you determine your next steps.

Based on all the input you received this day, you update the actions, describe and share decisions and schedule meetings with people to align and resolve any unclarities or issues.

What do I do after my traineeship?

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After your traineeship, you’ll have explored different companies. So, now it comes down to what you want. We’re there to support you in any decision you make. Your coach is right by your side, an experienced IT expert, who can help you make a final decision. Intervision sessions with other trainees will also help you define your growth path. Chatting to your colleagues and asking about their growth path and what made them decide to go in a certain direction can help you determine your next steps as well.

Does Plat4mation offer a flexible workplace?

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Most definitely. Your work location is flexible (home, office or customer site) as well as your working hours, as long as you’re able to meet the people you need to be successful.

We do have some advice on this topic though:

  1. Come to the (customer) office frequently to bond and connect with others
  2. Stay over for a drink on Fridays, and have so much fun that you miss the last train home 😉
  3. Take the opportunity to work and live abroad for 6 months
  4. Explore all four customers, even if the first is a match made in heaven. Experiencing different company cultures will help you grow as a professional.

Do I need an IT degree or experience to apply for these traineeships?

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No, absolutely not! We’ve seen artists, biologists and pilots becoming great IT professionals. It’s more important that you’re smart, have a growth mindset and the ambition to bring IT to a higher level. That is all way more important than your background.

Why would you want to work with ServiceNow?

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ServiceNow is one of the leading PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solutions used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies because it has a proven capability to transform IT and organizational processes. The platform extends to every department of an organization—from HR and Finance to Marketing, Customer Service, Legal and Facilities—connecting them all to one shared database in the cloud where companies can analyze and act on information.  

One of the major strengths of the platform is its great (mobile) user experiences. Check out this video to see how ServiceNow’s mobile capabilities add value to everyday work life. 

With the ServiceNow platform rapidly evolving and growing, you’ll also never be short of career opportunities. Because ServiceNow is simply the latest and greatest. 

Questions? Talk to our recruiter Frank!

Are you excited about this traineeship but stuck with questions? Call or mail our recruiter Frank to ask him all your burning questions.