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Being recognized as the 2021 ServiceNow Global App Development Partner of the Year, a dedicated development team and 10 years of experience building ServiceNow apps, our app development services truly are unparalleled.

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How we do it

Our experienced platform experts can quickly design solutions for the most unique business challenges. Deep knowledge of Now platform capabilities and smart reuse of existing assets allow us to accelerate the app development process.

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High-level use case

We start conversations with stakeholders to understand the current process and pain points. We look for ways to improve and dare to challenge your ideas to make sure we add maximum value with your new app.


POC / MVP scope

In a short amount of time, we identify what the app should look like and which efforts are needed. Then we prove to you that one feature works, after which we build the entire app. After that, it’s your turn to test and provide feedback.


Requirement workshops

Design Thinking methodology makes sure we build an app that fulfills your business’ needs and offers the perfect user experience. An app can be perfectly great, but if the experience is bad your employees won’t use the app. That is why we’ll make sure the experience is as great as the app itself.


Agile app delivery

We work agile, so our focus is on adding value in each sprint. By frequently showing you the progress and iterating to gather feedback from you, we make sure the end-product is what you envisioned it to be.

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Don’t just take our word for it…


For Koning & Hartman, Schedule4U is a step further into the future. Its speed and real-time updates are a big improvement compared to the tool that we used. The app is so versatile that we really have the feeling that everything is possible. The colleagues who have seen Schedule4U and all that have explored it are enthusiastic. We look forward to working with Schedule4U.

Vincent Boer
Senior Service Coordinator III at Koning & Hartman

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Is app development for ServiceNow expensive?

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We always try to reuse the latest ServiceNow features or capabilities to include in an app design as this will lower costs and speed up the delivery.

Does ServiceNow app development take a lot of time?

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No. It depends on the scope of course. If it’s your main business process that we need to capture with an app, we generally need a bit more time. But for most use cases, we make sure you go live within 2-3 months.

Will a custom application cause issues with ServiceNow upgrades?

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Custom applications are developed in their own scope, which means the upgradability is not impacted.

Can I trust Plat4mation to understand my business processes?

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With a structured approach, 10 years of app development and winning the 2021 ServiceNow Global and EU App Development Platform partner of the Year Award and a dedicated developing team, we have a solid track record in app development. We’ve built applications for up to 60,000 users for many different types of businesses, ranging from manufacturing to Managed Services Providers to Finance and Facilities.

Do you have a list of common use cases for ServiceNow App Engine?

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Yes, we have a Use Case Library that contains 14 real-life use cases that we solved with ServiceNow App Engine, addressing challenges for all different types of business functions—from Procurement, Finance, HR, to Fraud, and of course, IT. We’ve also categorized the use cases into No-code (Citizen Developers), Low-code or Pro-code.


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