Field Service Management

We can help you get the most out of your ServiceNow FSM implementation. First time right is what we aim for, so your service organization can serve customers better, faster and be more profitable.

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How we do it

Thanks to experts with real operational know-how of Field Service Management, we can quickly translate customer requirements to a technical implementation.

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Integration champs

Thanks to Connector4U, we can accelerate the integration of ServiceNow with third-party systems without compromising on quality. We’ve also got experience with hardware/stock management software integrations like Staples, SAP, Oracle and more.

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Best practice Vendor Management

When it comes to Vendor Management, we bring a few strong best practices regarding stock management, parts replacement and vendor performance to the table.

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High user adoption

Our deep understanding of the platform allows us to add functionalities that will drastically increase user experience, guaranteeing a high user adoption (even among your less tech-savvy people!).

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Success story

Offline mobile app for field engineers

For one of our customers, we built an Android app for field engineers that contains an overview of their daily work, in which they can perform the necessary administrative tasks and customers can sign off the work. Because the field engineers work in remote areas with no or bad internet connections, the solution works offline too. Via GEO tracking of the field engineers, dispatchers can view the most recent location of the engineers on Google maps in ServiceNow.

Implementation Facts & Figures

  • Integrations: 20 systems
  • Used interface types: REST, SOAP, XML, FTP, Email
  • Mobile app: Used by 90 field engineers
  • Go-Live: >9 months
  • Customer satisfaction: 9
  • Scope: 150 licensed users & 30,000 end-users



Do Field Engineers require a laptop to use ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM)?

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ServiceNow FSM is available in both browser and mobile experiences, where Field Service Engineers can perform all their activities, including (but not only) managing their stocks, update tasks or even collect a customer signature directly on their mobile devices. The Now Mobile app also offers native integration with mobile devices, allowing engineers to use the camera, GPS or Bluetooth of their smart devices.

Does the Now Mobile app require a constant internet connection?

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Now Mobile offers offline capabilities for circumstances where users might not have network coverage or internet access, allowing them to browse Knowledge Base articles or even updating records.

Can I manage the capacity of my teams or forecast their utilization?

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Since the Tokyo release, Capacity Management has been added to ServiceNow FSM, allowing managers to create and release capacity buckets throughout their teams’ or contractors’ schedules, assisting customers in meeting their contractual obligations more easily than ever.

Are maintenance activities covered by ServiceNow FSM?

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Yes. Planned Work Management includes workflows to automatically create recurring visit schedules, allowing for an automatic and periodic allocation of tasks to specific teams or Field Engineers.


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