Connector4U: Quickly build robust ServiceNow integrations with internal and external systems

Frustrated by the amount of time building ServiceNow integrations with internal and external systems takes? Connector4U is a cost-efficient application based on best practices that significantly reduces the work required to build, maintain and adapt world-class interfaces.

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Jim Austin
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No more integration frustrations

When building a ServiceNow integration with another ServiceNow instance, an internal ERP system or the IT Service Management platform of an external service provider, you require administrators with advanced scripting knowledge (REST, SOAP). Building a fully functioning integration is usually a time-consuming and complex task. After development, making changes is typically the last thing you want to do, as it limits your organization’s innovation potential. Frustrating, right?

Connector4U takes out the complexity of building intelligent and robust integrations. This means you can quickly build and adapt integrations. The provided error handling and remediation functionality ensure little to no time needs to be spent on maintenance and error correction.

Quick and user-friendly integrations

Build integrations in no time thanks to an intuitive integration development functionality. Installation on the ServiceNow platform is easy, so there’s no need for any additional infrastructure or software licenses. Use Connector4U to build integrations with e.g.:

  • Core ERP applications
    • HR (like Workday, PeopleSoft and SuccessFactors)
    • Finance (like SAP and Oracle)
  • ITSM applications
Connector4U connects the dots, helping you to go back to out-of-the-box

Reduce integration development costs and save time

When creating an interface, you need to build triggers to ensure outbound API calls are send to a receiving system at the right time, in the right format and with the correct data included. The required integration logic usually needs to be scripted by programmers. Creating scripts that include logic to translate incoming API messages (including data field mappings) into the correct actions in ServiceNow is typically very time-consuming.

Connector4U allows ServiceNow administrators to easily create the required inbound and outbound logic using point-and-click. This significantly improves integration quality and reduces development time. The application is specifically useful for (internal or external) IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using ServiceNow and need to connect to the ServiceNow instances of their clients. In just a few hours, we can create an integration for you that supports incident management.

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True robustness, no more manual fixing

If you want to build a truly robust integration, you need to define the integration logic and list all scenarios that could break the integration. Scenarios like: what happens when the internet connection is lost? Or: what if an update in system X leads to an update in system Y, in return updating system X (so called bouncing tickets)? Then, additional thought and development time needs to be spend on developing an automatic remediation functionality for these error scenarios. Otherwise, your system administrator needs to make time-consuming manual corrections, which adds to the running costs of an integration. That’s why Connector4U includes a remediation functionality for the most common integration error scenarios, saving you even more time.

Get rid of double administration

IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) typically maintain a Service Catalog in their own ServiceNow instance to allow multiple clients to order standard services (i.e. order a laptop, access to applications, add a new user, etc.). However, clients often demand that their employees only have to use their own internal instance to submit a request. As a workaround, service desks manually re-create these requests in the MSP instance. Or even worse: an integration has been developed that does not transmit all required data to fulfil the request. Next to adding several manual steps, both scenarios add to the cost to serve.

Connector4U offers a unique feature that allows Service Catalogs to be synchronized between multiple instances. This allows for easy copying of catalog items developed in the ServiceNow instance owned by the Managed Service Provider to be copied into a ServiceNow client instance. This way, clients can request services from their own ServiceNow instance, whilst ensuring they provide all relevant data (taking important business rules/logic into account) to allow for a streamlined fulfilment process.

Record synchronization between multiple systems

Connector4U synchronizes records between multiple systems, leading to benefits when applied in the following scenarios:

  • SIAM or MSI (Multi-Supplier Integration)
    Thanks to Connector4U, ITSM processes can cross organizational boundaries.
  • ERP integration
    Let Connector4U help you automate and centralize the services you provide to your organisation, e.g. by automatically letting requests in ServiceNow lead to transactions in your ERP systems.
  • IT4IT/DevOps
    Use Connector4U to easily build integrations with specialist IT applications.
Connector4U connects to SIAM

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Contact person

Jim Austin
Jim Austin
Director Americas
+1 980 257 1450