Implementation experts at heart

With over 500 certified ServiceNow experts and 10+ years of working with the platform, we have the experience, knowledge and capacity to take on the most challenging ServiceNow implementation projects.

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How we do it

Focused on creating value fast, we go the extra mile and like to have fun while we’re at it—together with you. Know that we also talk your language, no matter what industry you’re in.

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We start by taking take a deep-dive into your processes—run tests, retrieve data sets, etc.—all to paint a full picture. If the data shows us we need to change course, we will tell you. That way, we ensure we deliver on your business challenge.


Formulate success

Together, we determine what success looks like. We make success tangible and achievable. In doing so, we focus on People, Process, and Technology. Organizational Change Management will help us get your people on board, and the right combination of processes and technology will make work flow.



Equipped with reusable assets and the right knowledge and experience, our team executes the out-of-the-box implementation on time and budget (yes, really!!)—preferably together with you. Because when we join forces, we can add even more value.



After each implementation, we share our knowledge with you. Because we want to leave you fully equipped to keep making work flow—now and in the future.



How long does a ServiceNow implementation take?

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With each organization being unique, there’s no general answer to this question. The implementation track is influenced by organizational complexity, size, and collaboration.

For each implementation, we focus on achieving results fast. Within 8 to 16 weeks, the first results should be there. Small projects will be faster of course, and for large implementations that first result will be a first step.

And….thanks to our experience and reusable assets, we can deliver an implementation 50% faster than our competitors!

What makes Plat4mation consultants different?

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Being a pure-play ServiceNow partner with a wide range of customers, our consultants are equipped with a large toolkit of lessons learned and reusable assets that are there to help you. Compared to most other ServiceNow partners, our consultants have seen more IT environments and have done the respective implementation before.

What can I do to make my ServiceNow implementation a success?

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While we deliver the best platform and a high-quality implementation, we need YOU to make sure the process on the platform is being used correctly in your organization. Organizational Change Management (OCM) plays a key role in the success of any ServiceNow implementation. If needed, we can support you with OCM services.

What kind of reusable assets does Plat4mation use and why?

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Reusable assets can be anything—from entire apps, work procedures and approaches to problem-solving articles. Reusable assets help us do more in less time, saving you money and allowing us to add more value. It also avoids double work and reinventing the wheel on our side.


Talk to the expert

Schedule a call with one of our ServiceNow implementation experts. They’ll be happy to tell you more!

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