Integrating at lightspeed

After 8 years integrating ServiceNow with third-party tooling and having built Connector4U, an app that speeds up the actual integration and simplifies integration management, there’s no ticket, master data, process or UI integration we cannot tackle!

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How we do it

Integrations require dedication from you and your third parties. If we work together as a team, the integration can be set up in a matter of weeks.

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Define use case

We host a workshop to define the use case and answer questions like: what do you want to achieve? What value do we need to realize? Then we draw out the scope and visualize the use case in a diagram.


Collect system information

A standard questionnaire will provide us all the details from the target system to make the integration a success. We gather technical information like the end point, authentication and field mappings. Then we determine the best technical way of performing the integration: via Store, IntegrationHub, Connector4U, or custom integration.


Build & test

When building the integration, we will work closely with you and/or any third parties to make sure we deliver a high-quality integration that meets your goals.



Once deployed, we perform hypercare. We solve problems, if any. We’re on standby in case of problems and there to answer any questions that may arise.



Can you integrate ServiceNow with third-party tools (with Connector4U)?

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Yes, certainly! We’ve done this many times.

Can you send attachments via the interface?

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Yes, this is possible.

Does Plat4mation offer support for integrations?

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For Connector4U, we have special support contracts. For other integrations, this will depend on whether you’ve signed a support contract with us.

Will we experience downtime during integrations?

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No. We always make sure you can keep doing your work the ‘old’ way whilst we’re setting up the new way. Once everything looks fine, we flip the switch.


Talk to the expert

Schedule a call with one of our ServiceNow integration experts. They’ll be happy to tell you more!

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