Save time and cut complexity of integration development with Connector4U

Integration development with Connector4U

ServiceNow is a best in class platform for ITSM and many other service oriented use cases. There is also a world outside ServiceNow and it can be challenging to let those two worlds speak to each other in the same language, or speak to each other at all.

Imagine a service desk receives a ticket for an incident that requires the third party supplier of the particular soft- or hardware to deal with it. This means the servicedesk has to do double work: it has to manage the ticket in its own ServiceNow instance, and also has to provide the relevant information of that ticket to a supplier and keep track of progress with him. This would be a lot easier if the ServiceNow instance the service desk uses could ‘talk’ to whatever ITSM system, other platform or middleware the supplier uses.

Eliminate double work
We’ve noticed that these manual integration use cases occur on a daily basis at many customers. The error prone double work that results from this is time and resource consuming. Many system administrators need an integration that solves this issue, but lack the time and sometimes the knowhow to develop such an integration themselves or with their developers. In addition, the time investment for the development of any integration is large, ranging from 10 days to several months. Programming skills are scarce, systems need to be aligned, design and architecture need to be well thought out. There is always a risk of creating technical debt.

The result is that integrations are not developed and implemented. Apart from the time and skills it takes to initially develop an integration, changes are also time consuming. System administrators already have their hands full keeping everything up and running and understandably don’t prioritize for development of integrations.

Integrate away
Many components in Integrations are ‘common functionality’ and need to be developed anew for every single integration. We merged all these components in an ‘integration of integrations’ for ServiceNow: Connector4U. System administrators can easily setup new integrations without a lot of coding, which saves them a lot of time and enables them to better serve their organization. Our years of experience in building best practice integrations have been put into bringing this app to a world class level. A service desk is able to conveniently share tickets with third party suppliers. Connector4U doesn’t only serve de service desk. It is easy to create integrations with SAP, Bizztalk, Jira and a large number of other popular business applications. Last but not least, Connector4U can be used to migrate between ServiceNow instances, as we show in our white paper ServiceNow instance strategy: From Heavily Customized to Plain Vanilla.

Want to know more about the particulars of Connector4U and how you can operate it? Make sure you watch our on demand webinar in which we show how Connector4U can be used to easily connect different ServiceNow or other ITSM instances, exchange tickets and much more.

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