Security Operations

Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled cyber risk and ServiceNow professionals guarantee a quick execution of your cyber security roadmap and strategy.

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How we do it

Thanks to 10 years of experience working with the ServiceNow platform and a set of implementation best practices, accelerators and project templates, our cyber security experts can deliver a high-quality SecOps implementation.

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Understand & analyze

By hosting workshops with identified key stakeholders and collecting governance and process documentation, we get an understanding of the current operating model of the Cyber Security function and cross-departmental collaboration (with e.g. IT). This will result in an overview the IT landscape and key roles and responsibilities.

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PoC, roadmap & business case

Together, we identify the different program elements and the order of execution. Prioritizing roadmap steps results in faster ROI and better user adoption rates. Our final deliverables paint a complete picture of the end-to-end business case and will enable you to make well-informed decisions on the prioritization of the roadmap elements. We’ll also validate the technological feasibility of the solution by conducting a Proof of Concept.

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Agile implementation

Once the program plan and goals are agreed upon, and we’ve aligned these with the stakeholder domain, we start program delivery following our Agile methodologies and best practices. Our vast library of project templates, OCM accelerators and assets and best practices will ensure we deliver high-quality outcomes. This includes user adoption to maximize value realization.

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Continuous improvement

In a constantly changing market with newly arising cyber threats, organizations need to keep reassessing if they’re doing the right things to minimize threats. That’s why we keep guiding our guide customers after implementation, because our strategic view can help you continuously optimize and adapt the organization to changing cyber security needs.



Can Plat4mation provide a PoC within several months?

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This depends on the module and how complex the requirements and desired solution are. We always try to fulfil customer needs and we do what we can within our capacity.

Does introducing Security Operations involve Organizational Change Management? If so, does Plat4mation have OCM expertise inhouse?

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Mostly, yes. Introducing ServiceNow SecOps involves OCM if the organization hasn’t already streamlined their security framework and established the required channels to make work flow. We have OCM experts inhouse, so we can assist you all the way in your transformation.

At what kind of organizations have you implemented SecOps before?

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We’ve engaged with various prestigious international brands from different industries and guided them in formulating their Cyber security strategy and executed the digital transformation successfully.

What do you do when you face challenges during the implementation?

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We always follow industry standard best practices, and we record any lessons learned from previous implementations. With this knowledge, we can tackle most challenges. If not, we can quickly change gears because we work Agile.


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