Who we are

We’re a global IT consultancy company that makes work flow with ServiceNow. With offices in 9 countries around the world, including an offshore and nearshore delivery center in India and Poland, we serve some of the most prestigious customers in the world.

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Our purpose

We make work flow

Our goal is to boost workforce productivity and happiness by implementing solutions that provide great experiences and ensure work flows intelligently across and between organizations. Furthermore, we future-proof our solutions by enabling our customers to continually measure and improve performance.

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What we do

All things ServiceNow

We’re fully focused on providing the best ServiceNow services–from ServiceNow implementations, integrations and app development to digital strategy, Managed Services and platform performance. No ServiceNow challenge is too big for us!

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Get to know us more

Find out all about us by meeting our leadership team, learning what we value and discovering our CSR efforts.


Get to know our leadership team, the experience they bring and who they are as a person.

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Our values

From a love to learn to customer mindset to our fun and energetic company culture. Discover what makes us us.

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We feel the need to contribute to making the world a better place. Because we can make a difference.

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ServiceNow Elite Partner

Backed by a great partner like ServiceNow, we’ve grown into a serious player in the global ServiceNow ecosystem thanks to our level of technical expertise, out-of-the-box platform vision and determination to always add value for customers no matter what we do!

Our awards

We’re proud to have been acknowledged for our ServiceNow expertise, CSR efforts and company growth.

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Driving innovation with hackathons

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With the versatile platform that ServiceNow is, the possibilities are endless. That’s why we organize hackathons twice a year to innovate on the platform. We investigate new use cases, connect new technologies and reassess our implementation strategies or business processes. We do this for ourselves, to learn, grow and have fun, but also together with or for customers to help them make work flow even more.

Our latest innovations


How many employees does Plat4mation have?

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Plat4mation has a little over 450 employees, which classifies us as a scale-up company. Growth is constant at Plat4mation, so our company size keeps changing over time.

Last update: Feb 2024.

Who founded Plat4mation and when?

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Elmer de Valk (CEO), Roel Schoenmakers (CFO) and Bas Tax (CHRO) founded the company in 2013. They literally started from an attic room and in 10 years’ time, they’ve built up the company to where we are today—a global ServiceNow Elite partner with 9 offices world-wide.

What does Plat4mation have to offer that other ServiceNow partners don’t have?

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We’re fully dedicated to delivering ServiceNow services, unlike other partners. Over the years, we’ve built up deep technical knowhow, a strategic view and best-in-field app development for the platform. It also makes us a one-stop-shop for all things ServiceNow—from Managed Services to implementations and integrations to digital strategy.

What are the people at Plat4mation like?

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They love what they do, are energetic and are always willing to go the extra mile. And…they like to have fun while they’re at it! We have an informal and open company culture. A broad mix of nationalities ensures we bring different viewpoints and skillsets to the table. We also like to challenge the status quo to ensure we deliver the best possible solution with the highest quality.

We’re also not the regular IT consultancy type. We’re different. But in a good way 😉 When we go to a show for example, we dress up in a suit but pair it with our bold red company sneakers. While at a show, we usually pull off some sort of stunt—from an unannounced barista station (because who doesn’t love good coffee to start the day?!) to dressing up as Performance Analytics Magicians.

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