Plat4mation wins 2 ServiceNow Global Partner Awards for App Development and Manufacturing

UTRECHT, May 12th, 2021 – Plat4mation, the global ServiceNow Elite Partner in end-to-end advisory services and applications for the ServiceNow platform has been recognized as the 2021 ServiceNow Global Industry Solutions – Manufacturing Partner of the Year and Global App Development Platform Partner of the Year. After winning the EMEA Partner of the Year award for app development in March, being recognized as a major global player excelling in both the ServiceNow App Development and Manufacturing realm means the company’s position in the ServiceNow market is now stronger than ever before.


Global Industry Solutions – Manufacturing Partner of the Year

This award recognizes the partner who delivered the most innovative industry use-case solution, driving significant business value and outcomes for customer(s). This partner has shown their commitment to ServiceNow through their industry-leading innovations and through their overall growth.

Much-needed Factory Digitization Solution
Built on the Now Platform, Plat4mation’s Factory Digitization Solution enables manufacturers to improve production efficiencies with mobile workflows that allow operators to manage tasks and consume knowledge on the shop floor.

The solution combines the company’s consultancy services for manufacturing business process optimization with the capabilities of 4Industry, a digital manufacturing operating system (DMOS) aimed at increasing Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), equipping organizations with the tools they need to take advantage of all that Industry 4.0 has to offer.

Global App Development Platform Partner of the Year

This award goes to the Partner who excelled in App Development and ratings, building their Apps on the Now Platform, and overall growth.

Custom App Development
ServiceNow is a powerful platform, and customers don’t always know how to realize its full potential. Through custom applications, Plat4mation plays a key role in the design, road-mapping and realization of customer visions, optimizing and improving the way people work using the Now platform. They build apps on request, but they also develop and market apps themselves. Currently, nine of their apps are featured in the ServiceNow Store along with two extensive app suites: 4Facility (now Workplace Service Delivery) and 4Industry.

Read this article if you’d like to learn more about Plat4mation’s Custom App Development.


Global Partner Awards ServiceNow Plat4mation

2021 ServiceNow Global Partner Awards

The ServiceNow Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystem (ACE) organization recognizes the achievements of best-in-class partners who have contributed to ServiceNow’s growth through transformative practices in business, technology and customer success. The 2021 global awards are based on partner performance in 2020 and evaluate a combination of attributes that include revenue contribution, product line expansion, workflow and skill growth and business transformation.

Both awards were presented at ServiceNow’s Global Digital Partner Awards live event on Friday, May 7, 2021.

In reaction to winning not one but two Global ServiceNow awards, Elmer de Valk, CEO Plat4mation comments: “Plat4mation’s growth strategy is based on the following pillars: expand platform competences/capabilities, expand our geographies and expand our industry capabilities. The fact that we are receiving two Global awards is a clear sign that the market recognizes that we are successfully executing our strategy.”

Winning the award for best global Manufacturing Industry Solution underlines the company’s thought leadership in this realm, says Luc Raeskin, Chief Strategy Officer: “Our vision is to bring powerful workflow capabilities into the hands of factory operators. They are the people that impact industrial productivity the most. But currently, they are deprived of easy to use, mobile technologies that allow them to collaborate with colleagues all over the world. Being built on the Now platform, our Manufacturing Industry Solution is a game-changer for manufacturers that want to digitize the shop floor. The award makes clear that ServiceNow recognizes our thought leadership in the Manufacturing vertical and underlines the value our solution brings to our users.”


About Plat4mation

Based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, USA and India, Plat4mation is an Elite ServiceNow Partner dedicated to delivering world-class products and services for the ServiceNow platform. We are driven to realize maximum value in the IT, employee, and customer workflow experiences for each one of our customers. We do this by providing a flawless customer experience utilizing Plat4mation’s extensive expertise. We assist customers all over the world to unleash the potential of ServiceNow to accomplish their digital transformation objectives.

Since the Plat4mation inception in 2013, we have grown to more than 200 employees globally, and we are still growing strong. Plat4mation has been successful by delivering award-winning ServiceNow applications that offer unique user and flow experiences.

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