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Workplace Service Delivery Suite

Improve the workplace experience

The Workplace Service Delivery Suite (WSD) takes legacy facility services and injects a digital, consumer-like experience for employees consuming those services at the office. At the same time, it streamlines and automates the delivery and management of workplace services on the fulfiller side (Facility Manager).

The initial release* of ServiceNow’s WSD Suite includes the following key features to improve the workplace experience:

  • Workplace Reservation Management
    Enable employees to reserve spaces (i.e. desks and/or meeting rooms) on a one-time or reoccurring basis. Employees can manage and deliver more aspects of the event than they could with legacy reservation tools.


  • Workplace Case Management
    Deliver first class service by providing one entry point for employees to interact with and request services from workplace services (facilities) teams.

Read more about the applications in this suite in the ServiceNow Store.


*Stay tuned for the next wave of WSD features!

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Experts in implementing workplace services

Plat4mation is the trusted ServiceNow partner to implement the Workplace Service Delivery Suite. We know this solution better than anyone else. After all, we invented the original version of digital workplace services. We apply our well-refined methodology and more than 6 years of experience implementing it to perform a quick deployment of digital workplace services that deliver near immediate results.

On top of that, we go the extra mile to ensure Workplace Service Delivery lives up to its maximum potential. Thanks to automations and efficiencies in workplace services fulfillment, you’ll be left with a digitized employee experience and considerable cost savings!

The workplace services struggle

Organizations are often challenged with delivering facility services in an efficient and costeffective manner. Furthermore, their services often lack a smooth workplace experience. Typically, this results in a facilities environment where:
  • The facility team sits behind the scenes and/or there isn’t an interface to create collaboration between requestors and fulfillers
  • Employees don’t know where or how to request a service
  • Reservation tools don’t encompass comprehensive needs of organizing a meeting or event
  • Facility teams are still using manual, legacy and siloed tools that don’t exchange information 

Frustrated employees and facility managers

Due to inefficient workplace management, employees waste time and productivity. Not to mention the frustration around the lack of clarity on how and where to request services or help! At the other end, facility managers waste time, money and lose credibility within their organization. This is the result of trying to manage and track services with manual processes (like pen and paper) and applications (like Outlook and Excel). What they miss is a central facility management system.

3 Good reasons to consider WSD

Digitize the Employee Experience, making workplace services easily available and consumable
2. Boost workforce productivity
3. Save costs by optimizing use of facility services resources and expensive real estate

Complete the experience with MeetNow

MeetNow is the meeting room booking app that complements ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery by helping your employees to quickly find and book free meeting rooms. Thanks to its integration with ServiceNow and existing scheduling devices, MeetNow helps facility management to synchronize workplace services, IT and HR through one delivery interface.

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Integrate parking management solutions

For companies looking to create the ultimate Employee Experience with ServiceNow, it is now also possible to integrate your parking management solutions in Workplace Service Delivery. We’ve built this integration for a customer who was looking to harmonize their parking experience across countries. Employees that have been assigned a parking spot now enjoy a hassle-free experience at each company site.

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Crafting the future of work together

Together with our customers, we are going where no one has gone before. Take the use of IoT sensors in the workplace. Recently, we have seen customers pioneer with these technologies. So, if you have IoT sensors too, we can connect these sensors to ServiceNow to trigger actions or initiate workflows based on sensor data.

If you have (IoT) use cases you’d like to explore, do let us know. The sky is the limit on the Now platform. We can really make anything possible!

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See ServiceNow’s new Workplace Service Delivery in action!

Discover just how easy it is to reserve a desk (or anything else for that matter…) for a specific space, day and time—a true necessity for a safe workplace nowadays.


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