Integrated Risk Management

With a team of highly skilled domain experts, we enable our customers to make risk-based informed decisions at an executive level through a data-driven and technology first approach.

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How we do it

We follow a truly holistic approach, as this is crucial for success in digitally transforming the enterprise IRM functions and operating models.

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In-depth knowledge & technical know-how

Thanks to our domain expertise and senior professionals, we can quickly identify pain points and improvement areas in existing operating models of the Risk and Compliance function. We will assess and challenge the current operating model and follow best practices to define the right roles and responsibilities and process flows, in line with the 3 lines of defense model.

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Multidisciplinary collaboration

For successful digital transformation of the Risk & Compliance function multidisciplinary stakeholder engagement is a fundamental prerequisite. This requires a clear project governance and methodology, to ensure that the right people are doing the right things at the right time.

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Risk-based informed decision making

We enable decision makers in the organization to prioritize resource allocation to efficiently address risk and compliance issues. For this, you need real-time and high-quality data. This is only possible with a truly IRM solution that is embraced by the organization. This will lead to an end-to-end view on your risk and compliance posture and will drive the total cost of compliance down.

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Our technology first approach

A solution-driven technology first approach enables and forces the organization to adopt a higher level of maturity of their enterprise Risk & Compliance frameworks. The ServiceNow IRM solution framework should be adopted in such a way that the new organization fits within this industry-leading and best-practice model. In line with Agile work methods, we start small and simple and gradually expand and adapt to absorb the impact of the change.

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Controlling evidence collection

With 22+ million customers in 11 countries, the PARK NOW Group offers a suite of comprehensive parking management solutions. Suffering from manual and inefficient processes to demonstrate compliancy to external auditors, ParkNow decided it was time for an efficient and reliable standardized process for control (audit) evidence collection. Discover how we helped them set this up with ServiceNow IRM.

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How much time will it take to implement the ServiceNow IRM solution?

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Depending on the size, complexity and maturity of the organization, this answer can vary. We believe in an Agile approach that focuses on delivering a first working solution (Minimum Viable Product) and gradually broaden the scope and organizational roll-out. Typically, a baseline implementation can be done in 10 – 12 weeks.

Do I need a full CMDB to use ServiceNow IRM?

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No. A baseline CMDB is of course needed to start mapping risk and control frameworks to the relevant IT elements and broader organizational scope (non-IT risk). What needs to be stressed however is that an IRM engagement will also drive maturity across the CMDB and platform and should be considered as a continuous and parallel stream. We have vast experiences in successfully guiding customers in setting up a clear governance to maintain their master data (CMDB) to drive maturity and maximizing value realization.

Do you have standard content packs and to implement e.g. an ISMS /ISO 27001 framework?

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Yes, we offer a wide range of content packs (information security standards and frameworks, legislative frameworks, standard control libraries). In addition, we can connect ServiceNow with 3rd party content like UCF to fully outsource creation and maintenance of your Authoritative documents and libraries through a standardized API integration.

What about the licenses for the different modules, such as Policy & Compliance, Risk, Audit, VRM, BCM and Privacy?

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There are different subscription models for the core IRM applications (Policy & Compliance, Risk, Audit), the Business Continuity Management application, Vendor Risk and Privacy Management. We have successfully implemented all applications many times before, where we’ve also acted as reselling partner to ensure that the license investments are done at the right time to achieve maximum ROI.


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