Running IT like a business

With our deep technical know-how of the Now Platform, knowledge of business processes, and IT governance, we help IT leaders mature their entire IT value chain—from IT strategy to providing IT support.

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How we do it

We deliver hands-on digital transformation advice, which means we don’t just leave you with a slide deck. We provide practical solutions tailored to your situation that can be implemented straight away.

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Practical solutions

We deliver concrete results instead of conceptual strategic plans. Our tangible solutions are guaranteed to deliver value from day one.

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Fact over gut feeling

Our decisions are solely based on facts. We’re data-driven decision-makers.

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Bringing change together

Together, we set the organization in motion. With your success being our success, we’re not afraid to speak up to guard your path to success.

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Innovative delivery methods

Visual aids like digital whiteboarding help people from different disciplines to better understand each other and stimulate stakeholders to formulate concrete solutions.

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Tech-savvy people

We know technology. With a full array of Data Analytics specialists, IT Architects, Process & Industry experts and UI/UX designers inhouse, we can quickly solve your business challenges with smart digital solutions.

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360˚ CIO dashboard

We’ve developed a dashboard tool that gives CIOs a 360˚ view of their entire IT value chain. The dashboard provides insights across 10 dimensions, which allows CIOs to steer departments to digitally transform the organization.

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What is covered in a digital strategy project?

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We assess the existing situation along 4 dimensions: People, Process, Technology & Data. When opportunities and challenges are defined, we design a desired future state, preferably together with the organization, and a roadmap to guide us from now to the desired future. This way, we take stakeholders on our journey from an early stage, ensuring adoption of the outcome and a thorough understanding of decisions made.

How long does a digital strategy project typically take?

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This depends on the kind of project and scope, but in general you should think of anything between 6 to 12 weeks.

What is a typical result of a digital strategy project?

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A roadmap with a detailed order of action items and description of WHAT to do supported by a report that elaborates on the WHY and HOW to do it.

What is the next step after completion of a digital strategy & transformation project?

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We always ensure clients are left with tangible results and actionable deliverables. After a digital strategy & transformation project, it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and get busy implementing the initial steps defined in the roadmap.

Do you only do digital transformations with ServiceNow?

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We are a ServiceNow pure player, as well as users of the platform ourselves. But in essence, digital strategy & transformation is not necessarily about technology only. It is a symbiosis between Technology, Data and processes with the People at the center of it.

What does a typical digital transformation project setup look like?

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We address all challenges with a custom approach tailored to the clients demands and situation. It always contains an analysis of the current situation, design of a future state and a roadmap on how to get from A to B. Once we start implementing the technology, we also initiate continuous improvement and operational change management.


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