Strategic Portfolio Management

A team of 40 dedicated experts leverage their experience and best practices to speed up your out-of-the-box SPM implementation. We drive the implementation by maximizing the adoption rate of all stakeholders involved.

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How we do it

Through a People, Process, Technology approach we ensure the right business outcomes are achieved and a fit-for-purpose solution is delivered with a high adoption rate by all stakeholders.

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We talk your language

With many years of experience delivering Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), our team of experts understand the importance and value that organizations can achieve through SPM and how ServiceNow can support the different needs of all stakeholders involved at all organizational levels.

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Focused on the right insights

Informed investment decisions and creating the right visibility is key when it comes to SPM. Our data-driven approach takes the needs of all involved stakeholders into consideration, lowering the administrative burden for all and making the right information available with the desired quality.

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A high adoption rate

We get all stakeholders on board because we start with the end in mind. Our implementation approach is aimed at early adoption through a prioritized backlog of use cases and clear communication and expectations. Providing the right documentation and support is our common thread in this offering.

Don’t just take our word for it…


Thoroughly impressed on the whole set of outcomes. We now have another set of important enablers to rise our PPM to a whole new level.

Steven Brown

Director at Department for Work & Pensions

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How long does an initial SPM implementation take?

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We believe a go-live should happen as soon as possible with a minimal set of requirements, or Minimal Lovable Product. Together with proper guidance and communication, this will speed up adoption as well as increase the quality of the backlog, prioritization and estimations.

Why is out-of-the-box (OOTB) important?

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OOTB has advantages in terms of performance, upgradability, and maintenance. With our in-depth knowledge of SPM practices and ServiceNow, we know how to leverage the functionality in ServiceNow to support your use cases—allowing you to utilize everything that ServiceNow has to offer.

What are the benefits of a platform solution?

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ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management is interconnected to many other functions within an organization. ServiceNow supports all these functions. A shared data model allows you to reference other data outside of ServiceNow. ServiceNow also provides numerous standard integrations between functions like CSM, GRC, ITSM, ITOM, Agile, etc. This allows you to create a holistic insight and utilize real-time data beyond SPM.


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