Going beyond NIS2/DORA

Get clear and actionable insights in company-wide risk and compliance posture with our holistic digital solution on the ServiceNow platform. Executives can make risk-based informed decisions, avoid penalties, reduce cost of compliance, and adequately mitigate (cyber) risk.

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Our solution

Building upon GRC and Information Security best practices, we can accelerate your NIS2/DORA compliance journey by providing you with a highly automated dashboard for continuous risk and compliance monitoring​. Here’s what we’ll do to achieve that:

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Assess maturity & readiness on NIS2/DORA roadmap

Perform a holistic NIS2/DORA GRC Maturity Assessment to understand improvement areas​.

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Compliance Content Pack

Use pre-defined Compliance Content Packs with standard data packs for NIS2 / ISO27001 and others, to achieve ‘Test once comply many’​.

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People/process best practices: 3 lines of defense

Rely on best practice governance models to propose improvement areas in the existing GRC operating model, to improve information exchange along the 3 lines of defense​.

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Tech & data best practices: ServiceNow CMDB & IRM

Rely on best-in-class tech blueprints to reshape the ISMS and GRC function and get started quickly​.

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Risk & Compliance automation

Automate data collection, and consolidation of IT landscape data (CMDB) and applicable NIS2/DORA compliance data​.

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Quick-start User Story Pack

Use our pre-defined User Story Pack to get started immediately with must-have efforts following a pre-defined and proven path and methodology​.

Choose from these 3 packages

Kickstart your NIS2/DORA journey with one of our predefined packages.

Pretty Basic

We’ll showcase all functionality in a standard sandbox environment and capture key needs and requirements.

> Standard demo with sample data
> Preliminary findings and recommendations
> High-level resolution on OOTB CMDB discovery, vulnerability detection and compliance reporting

Devil in the Details

We go a step further with an in-depth analysis, troubleshooting and solutioning and implementation roadmap.

> All from Pretty Basic + below​
> In-depth analysis of as-is IT asset landscape​
> Detailed solution on CMDB discovery and vulnerability scan​
> CMDB maturity assessments and implementation roadmap​

All The Way

Delivery of an end-to-end use case, including our automation accelerator with Tanium.

> All from Devil in the Details + below​
> Deliver working product and end-to-end NIS2 Patch Mgt use case with Tanium​
> Backlog development and implementation of must-have requirements
> Initial CMDB and Vulnerability Scan, ingested into ServiceNow ​

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Need faster ROI?

Combining the power of the ServiceNow platform with Tanium’s automation solution results in a highly automated NIS2/DORA compliance monitoring function​. The integration acts as key accelerator by automating asset and key compliance data collection. Click to understand what processes are covered by which technology.

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Our NIS2/DORA dashboard

With our NIS2/DORA dashboard you can continuously monitor performance of the GRC/InfoSec (KPI) function and Key Risk and Compliance Indicators (KRI).



Is this an expensive tailor-made solution?

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No, our solution is fully based on out-of-the-box ServiceNow functionalities (like Integrated Risk Management, CMDB, Security Operations).

How can Plat4mation help me on my NIS2/DORA journey?

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As a ServiceNow pure-player, Plat4mation has broad and vast knowledge of the ServiceNow platform. In addition to deep technical expertise, Plat4mation also acts as trusted consulting advisor to many companies in specialist domains, like GRC and Cyber Security. For this, Plat4mation has a team of IRM/GRC and ServiceNow specialists inhouse that are fully dedicated to guiding customers along their maturity journey.

Our Security & Trust practice consists of an international team of SMEs and practitioners that come with many years of consulting experience at large international firms and or other GRC / Security solution consulting firms. We are delivering consulting services and ServiceNow Integrated Risk and Security solutions to many EMEA-based (enterprise) customers.

Furthermore, NIS2/DORA is one of the key strategic themes for Plat4mation in the coming years. As a partner that focuses on innovation, we have developed various accelerators, best practices, and a recommended approach to manage the NIS2/DORA control frameworks and requirements with standard ServiceNow solutions, like Integrated Risk, Third-Party Risk, Security Incident Response and Business Continuity Management.

At the foundation of our digital ISMS system lies the ServiceNow CMDB, which provides the organization with full visibility on the IT / OT / IoT landscape to ensure a highly accurate and reliable system to identify Information Security risk and assign remediation actions and controls with automated workflows across the organization. This is also why we believe ServiceNow offers a unique platform for managing Information Security and Cyber risk. It enables different teams and people (like IT / Security / Risk & Compliance / other business domains like HR) to be seamlessly connected in a single workflow platform. This will result in a lowered cost of compliance and enables the C-suite with an instrument to make risk-based informed decisions.

Our vision is to enable CISOs and security specialists with a solution that helps them to make stronger business cases to executive teams to ‘move beyond compliance’ and implement a proactive risk-based approach, which will in turn result in a more resilient organization.

How fast can I achieve results with this solution?

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This depends on the maturity and scope of your existing IRM/GRC initiatives and the extent to which you have integrated standard ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) modules. Our NIS2/DORA offering enhances these capabilities by providing a comprehensive dashboard that consolidates all necessary information from ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box functionalities. For a tailored assessment of your current GRC initiatives and to determine how quickly measurable outcomes can be achieved, we recommend consulting with one of our subject matter experts.

How can I trust Plat4mation to ensure I become compliant?

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To ensure your compliance with NIS2/DORA regulations, Plat4mation provides a robust solution that serves as a single source of truth. This system facilitates comprehensive oversight and management of your compliance requirements by centralizing all relevant data and processes. By integrating our solution, you gain access to tools and functionalities designed to streamline and enhance your compliance efforts. To understand how our solution can specifically benefit your organization and foster compliance, we invite you to engage with our team for a detailed demonstration and discussion.


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