Driving New Product Development with ServiceNow

Align each initiative to business strategy

Drive customer intimacy in combination with a more product-oriented approach to New Product Development with ServiceNow. This will not only save costs but also shorten go-to-market for new products.

With ServiceNow, you:

  • Follow a uniform and consistent approach to NPD processes and lifecycle
  • Align every single NPD initiative on a strategic level
  • Use consistent, real-time (consolidated) data to support informed decision-making

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How La Lorraine adopted ServiceNow ITBM to manage their NPD portfolio

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New Product Development: Supermarket isle with products

Going to market with the right products

With customers demanding faster, better and cheaper products, building long-lasting customer relationships is key. When you want to retain customers, you need to put demand fulfilment first. The catch? Ensuring New Product Development also benefits the organization on the long run.

This requires a single catalogue that holds all developed products to swiftly deliver on customer requests. But more importantly, this will allow you to proactively think along with customers on their needs—making you a true partner instead of just a supplier.

After all, your competitive advantage is defined by going to market with the right products, which is directly related to the way in which you leverage your NPD process and outcomes.

Deliver commercially successful products with ServiceNow

ServiceNow PPM offers a consistent and uniform way to manage NPD lifecycles, so you can deliver NPD initiatives efficiently and effectively. The solution includes demands to capture, assess and approve initiatives, allows you to create projects to deliver new products and programs, and has portfolios that help you consolidate all related processes to make launches a success, like marketing, scaling production and logistics.

It also enables you to capture the actual product and work with different versions. Leveraging previously created products increases your NPD efficiency and puts more focus on the product.

But, in order to extract real value from your NPD processes, you need to link your NPD initiatives to your organizational strategy. The extent to which you are able to do this determines your competitive advantage.

New Product Development in ServiceNow (based on PPM/ITBM)

Collaboration behind computer - put ServiceNow to use

How we deploy ServiceNow for product development

Using the ServiceNow out-of-the-box PPM application, we help you manage the entire New Product Development lifecycle. With platform features like reporting and workflows and a scoped application, we make sure you can manage your entire product catalogue (incl. initiative correlations and product versioning).

Via workshops, we identify the most eligible use cases. Then, we translate the outcomes and use cases into a tailored ServiceNow configuration.

The final step are walkthroughs, as these will result in high commitment and user adoption. This step is important, because user adoption and data quality are inextricably linked. The higher your user adoption, the higher your data quality and the more informed decisions you can make.

Why choose us?

  • Quick implementation
    Within 2 months!
  • Smooth & uniform process for capturing NPD initiatives
    With feasibility and approval structures
  • Gated approach to new product monitoring & management
    Including prototyping, production scaling and marketing
  • Governance process support
    Workflows and reporting that includes data consolidation and status & progress reporting
  • Stakeholder support
    Through reporting, we help you inform stakeholders about current initiatives, delivered products and contribution to overall company goals
Effectively develop new products with ServiceNow

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Jim Austin
Director Americas