Workplace Service Delivery

As the original creators of digital workplace services on the Now platform, now known as Workplace Service Delivery, you’ll enjoy a quick and high-quality deployment. Improve the employee experience even more with MeetNow, integrated parking management, IoT sensors and more.

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How we do it

Using a proven and structured workshop-based approach, we define the WSD implementation requirements and roadmap.

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Use case definition

Together, we draft the new processes, determine new roles and responsibilities and pinpoint involved third parties and stakeholders. This will result in a high-level use case.

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Demo & gap analysis

We demo the OOTB WSD solution and plot your existing way of working so you can see where the differences will be. This will help us identify which gaps need to be addressed during the implementation.

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Reporting deep dive

In this workshop, we will explain the standard reporting features and show any customized dashboards to ensure you can monitor and control your workplace processes.

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Dry run

You try out the solution under our supervision and together we determine whether the configuration is acceptable. If there are any defects, you let us know your preferred defect prioritization.

Rollout in just 30 days!

Since we know this ServiceNow solution so well, we have methodologies in place and a library of reusable assets that allow us to implement this solution swiftly.

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MeetNow touchscreen & mobile app

MeetNow is our very own meeting room booking touchscreen and app that complements ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery by helping your employees to quickly find and book free meeting rooms, and request meeting services. It’s a solution that combines workplace, IT and HR services in a single interface. Available as touchscreen (hardware with software installed) to mount on your meeting spaces, or as an app (software only).

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Desk Device

Our easy-to-use Desk Device works seamlessly with ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery and ensures a comfortable seat with an improved employee experience. It also provides facility managers detailed insights into upcoming and actual desk usage. By utilizing this data, businesses can reduce floor space to meet exact needs, resulting in cost savings.

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Cool integrations

When it comes to ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery, we know a thing or two about its integration possibilities. They’re basically endless, but here are a few cool examples.


Integrate your parking management solutions in Workplace Service Delivery to harmonize the parking experience at all of your offices across the globe.

Space mapping

As the original creators, we built the initial space mapping integration that allows employees to easily locate and select the meeting room, desk or parking spot they want to reserve from a map.

IoT sensors

Pioneering with IoT sensors in the workplace? We can hook your sensors up to ServiceNow, which will turn your data into neat dashboards, allowing you to easily monitor trends and usage.



Can I reserve rooms and other spaces via the MS Outlook calendar?

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Yes. Both reservations and their services or amenities can be reserved from your Outlook calendar via the Outlook Add-In. For on-premises solutions, please contact our sales representatives.

I want visual feedback next to my meeting rooms, so people know a room’s availability at a glance. Does such a solution exist?

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Yes. Thanks to our BookNow devices, employees can easily consult a room or space’s availability thanks to its color-coded availability display. Any upcoming meeting for the day will be displayed, and employees can book ad-hoc meetings directly on the device, saving countless hours in meeting reservations.

Do I have to procure my own license for Indoor Mapping?

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No. As of ServiceNow San Diego, Indoor Mapping is part of the standard Workplace Service Delivery package.

Which formats does ServiceNow support for the Indoor Mapping functionality?

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ServiceNow supports both PNG and AutoCAD files (DWG or DXF) below 10MB in size. For the complete list of requirements and guidelines, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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