Sister company 4Industry wins the 2023 Worldwide Built on ServiceNow Solution Partner of the Year Award

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Factory workers with PPE, smiling and their fists in the air celebrating. 4Industry logo.

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 17, 2023 – Plat4mation, the global pure-play ServiceNow Partner in world-class consultancy services and applications for the ServiceNow platform, is proud to announce that sister company 4Industry has won the 2023 Worldwide Built on ServiceNow Solution Partner of the Year award at the ServiceNow Worldwide Partner Awards reception in Las Vegas, Nevada last Monday!

The ServiceNow Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystem organization recognizes the achievements of industry-leading Partners that have contributed to ServiceNow’s growth trajectory by driving successful business outcomes for joint customers. This year’s awards are based on Partner performance in 2022, which is evaluated by the following key attributes: revenue contribution/growth, product line expansion and skill competencies growth, development of innovative and new solutions with associated digital transformation impact.

Elmer de Valk, CEO of Plat4mation/CRO of 4Industry, says: “First, I’d like to congratulate Luc Raeskin, CEO of 4Industry, and the entire 4Industry team with winning this prestigious ServiceNow award! It’s a testimony of the added value that 4Industry brings to manufacturers. With respect to Plat4mation, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in terms of building up our ServiceNow consultancy expertise in the manufacturing vertical. As 4Industry’s preferred implementation partner, we remain to work closely with our sister company regarding implementation and platform strategy. Our team of manufacturing implementation experts truly is kicking ass, delivering great value to some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.”

Group picture of 4Industry at Partner Award Ceremony at Know23 in Las Vegas

Plat4mation establishes 4Industry in 2018

In 2018, Plat4mation founds sister company App4mation to focus on developing technology and business applications on the ServiceNow platform to revolutionize the workspace in both industrial (4Industry product) and office settings (4Facility product). After ServiceNow acquired App4mation’s 4Facility assets to strengthen their workplace services capabilities (now known as Workplace Service Delivery), the company was renamed to 4Industry in 2021 to fully focus on the manufacturing market. And with success. Over the course of 5 years, 4Industry has grown into a full-fledged connected worker solution built on ServiceNow that allows manufacturers to achieve true world-class manufacturing by connecting operators, machines and data.

4Industry, the platform for manufacturing excellence

As a true connected worker platform, 4Industry connects people and machines by digitizing and centralizing all shop floor processes—from tools, forms and knowledge to data—in a single intuitive mobile-enabled solution. By putting the worker at the heart of the factory, 4Industry makes work simpler, safer, and more efficient, bringing true manufacturing excellence within reach. For more information, visit

About Plat4mation

Plat4mation is a global pure-play ServiceNow partner that makes work flow. Our goal is to boost workforce productivity and happiness by implementing solutions that provide great experiences and ensure work flows intelligently across and between organizations. Furthermore, we future-proof our solutions by enabling our customers to continually measure and improve performance.

Besides offering world-class ServiceNow Implementation and Managed Services, we provide thought leadership to strategically guide our customers to take full advantage of all ServiceNow capabilities. Our award-winning ServiceNow Application Development Services ensure we can transform any business need into a powerful digital business application.


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