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Utrecht, the Netherlands, 25 October 2018 – Plat4mation, a fast growing Dutch company specialized in developing ServiceNow solutions for enterprises, today officially announces the launch of their sister company App4mation. App4mation will focus on developing technology and business applications to revolutionize the workspace in both industrial and office settings. The new company aims to bring digitization to workspaces that are still heavily reliant on manual logging and planning, for example when it comes to facility management or scheduling and logging maintenance in industrial settings.

The overarching ambition of App4mation is reflected in its mission statement: technical innovations to achieve excellence in the physical workspace. The establishment of App4mation is a step to increase dedication to build and support innovative business applications developed on top of the ServiceNow platform. Next to that the company will also further enhance its app development capabilities for the adoption of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets in the workspace, and utilize the possibilities provided by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Elmer de Valk (Group CEO) comments about the founding of this new entity: “The ServiceNow Enterprise cloud and ServiceNow Store provide us the means and distribution channel to serve enterprises across the globe to revolutionize the workplace. Our existing ServiceNow applications and application development capabilities have proven to be best in class over the past years. Our high level of expertise in this domain has brought us to taking the next step with the founding of App4mation, thus allowing us to increase focus and lead by example in the ServiceNow eco-system.”

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The new entity will increase the investments in existing business applications for office workspaces that are successfully used by large enterprises across the world. This family of products are grouped under the name ‘4Facility’ and consists of existing applications called Facility4U, Rooms4U, Reservations4U and Planboard4U. These apps help enterprises to manage their facilitary needs more efficiently, saving time and resources. Next to 4Facility, the 4Industry app portfolio holds apps that help workers in industrial settings to fully utilize the benefits of digitization in a user friendly way. One example of this is the rollout of an app that helps maintenance engineers at Heineken breweries to keep track of, and predict maintenance on machines. App4mation aspires to use existing intellectual property to branch out into other business verticals, such as manufacturing, government, healthcare and education.

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Luc Raeskin (App4mation Managing Director) comments: “I am extremely proud and excited to lead the new entity. I look forward to work with existing and prospective clients to further develop our product portfolio. Together with the launch of App4mation we will also bring a new product to the market. This new product is fully aligned to our mission to revolutionize the physical workspace. It harnesses the potential of the ServiceNow platform, mobile technologies, augmented reality (AR) and IoT to radically improve productivity in manufacturing and other asset intensive environments.”

The increased focus will also ensure that App4mation can bring new products and product- features to market quicker to ensure they stay optimally aligned with client needs. Plat4mation will continue to act as an important distribution channel and will provide consultancy services to ensure applications are successfully implemented at local clients. For international clients, App4mation will partner with local ServiceNow implementation specialists.

Learn more about what App4mation can do for you by visiting the App4mation website.


About App4mation

App4mation’s mission is to create technical innovations to achieve excellence and revolutionize the physical workspace. We develop technology that enables workers to fully benefit from digital technology in both industrial and office settings.

App4mation provides consumer-grade user experiences that allow today’s workforce to use technology without friction. Our solutions provide an overarching layer across multiple technologies (like IoT), where we transform data into valuable insights and meaningful actions.

The solutions created by App4mation arise out of real challenges in the market. We support companies around the world to address these challenges in the best way possible. We improve the processes, enable companies to innovate and use the newest technologies to improve the working life of employees.

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