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IT Service Management

Deriving value from ServiceNow ITSM


IT Service Management (ITSM) helps you to provide high-quality IT services to ensure consumers of these services—the business—are satisfied. Business users need to focus on doing their work, not spend time solving IT issues.

At the same time, providing high-quality IT services should be cost-effective. In reaching these objectives, our ITSM implementation focuses on several key themes: provide great experiences, continuous improvement, intelligent automation, high-quality data, and staying Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB).

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Provide great experiences

Business users need to interact with IT when they want to request a service, submit and idea or need an answer to their question. Our objective is to ensure your self-service channel—whether mobile or via web—becomes the main support channel.

Research shows that effective self-service both positively affects customer (employee) satisfaction as well as driving down costs. Based on years of experience and using our library of reusable assets, we can quickly build a high-quality self-service portal.

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Continuous improvement

People don’t like repetitive work. If employees have to provide the same answer to the same question over and over again, you’re not making use of the full potential of your IT employees either. During our ITSM implementation, we deploy a specific set of tools and modules to drive continuous workflow improvement, which are Knowledge Management, Performance Dashboards and Continuous Improvement.

This will lead to a shorter Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR), increased First-line Close Rate (FCR), reduced number of P1 incidents, lowered IT Operations’ costs and much more.

Check out this case study where we used our proven approach (combining digital strategy, OCM and utilization of platform intelligence tools) to drive Continuous improvement in the IT service management department for a large energy company.

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Intelligent automation

ServiceNow offers several intelligent capabilities, which we leverage in a smart way. We use Predictive Analytics to identify the major clusters of work, like incidents and requests. We use this information to deploy the most relevant Virtual Agent conversations to improve the self-service experience for business users. We also use this information to identify and realize the most valuable automation use cases. Lastly, we use Machine Learning to support automated and intelligent ticket routing.

High-quality data

The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) forms the foundation of ServiceNow, making everything in ServiceNow work the way it is intended. We ensure it contains high-quality data. A well-populated CSDM ensures:

  • business users can request services relevant to them
  • clear knowledge ownership to drive institutional learning
  • tickets are routed to the right place, to either internal or external support teams
  • efficient change impact analysis
  • GDPR requirements are tracked
  • and much more!
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Stay Out-Of-Box

ServiceNow is an incredibly powerful and flexible platform that can be configured and customized to great extends. But the more you customize, the more difficult it becomes to maintain platform upgradeability.

We therefore advise you to make optimal use of newly released ServiceNow features to keep costs to a minimum. In other words, stay as close to Out-Of-Box as possible.

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Jim Austin
Managing Director Americas