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ServiceNow helps us to orchestrate the increasingly complex and volatile application landscapes of our customers. As a result we can provide transparency and insight to both business and IT. Plat4mation has assisted us to implement ServiceNow with a large 100% public cloud customer, requiring integration and chain monitoring across multiple third parties.”

Peter Siepel
Customer Director

The challenge

Schuberg Philis won an outsourcing deal to support a client to gain control over their critical business processes. In many cases, the IT Services supporting a business process were outsourced to multiple IT Managed Service Providers. This situation lead to reduced transparency with resulting difficulties, such as when trying to understand the root-cause of incidents. To fulfil their Service Integrator role, Schuberg Philis required a solution to understand the technical components (Configuration Items) supporting an IT service, their operational status and how they are related to each other.

The Solution

Plat4mation assisted Schuberg Philis by implementing several ServiceNow IT Operations Management modules, to create dynamic IT Service Maps that show the breakdown of an IT Service into Configuration Items. We connected ServiceNow to monitoring system to feed infrastructure and application events and correlate them to the Configuration Items. The combination of Service Maps and Event Management enables Schuberg Philis to understand both the root-cause and impact of operational issues. This allows them to provide their client an end-to-end business process monitoring capability that at any time shows the ‘health’ of an IT service and supported Business Process. This capability is used by Schuberg Philis to effectively steer the eco-system of Managed Service Providers and fulfil their Service Integrator role. We also assisted Schuberg Philis by implementing IT Service Management and Project and Portfolio Management modules and are partnering to pursue a vision to develop a complete DevOps capability on top of ServiceNow.

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