Factory Digitization: Driving productivity with Connected Workers

Taking the human approach to factory digitization

One of the key ingredients of World Class Manufacturing is optimal operations performance, often expressed in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Shop floor workers have a substantial impact on OEE and should therefore be optimally enabled to execute their activities.

Built on the Now Platform, our Connected Worker solution provides manufacturers the opportunity to enable operators to digitally manage tasks, deviations and have direct access to information on the shop floor to do their work better and faster, significantly improving operations performance. The connected worker solution 4Industry is based on industry standards and best practices (i.e. TPM), which means it supports most manufacturer’s way of working.


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Improve your OEE

With our OEE blueprint


OEE breakdown into 4 main loss categories

Ensure ROI on your 4.0 investments

With Industry 4.0 technologies being implemented as part of Manufacturing Excellence or Factory Digitization programs, the main focus is usually on data acquisition, processing and modeling, either in the cloud or not.

But what is still missing is full digital support of an operator’s working day on the shop floor. With 72% of shop floor tasks still performed by humans, this group is overlooked by most manufacturers in their core strategies.

4Industry – the Connected Worker platform for 4.0 factories

4Industry, based on TPM methodology, is a digital MOS designed to digitize and automate work processes on the shop floor to help you achieve world-class Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Working from a single mobile platform means workers easily understand which tasks they need to perform and how. They save valuable time due to smart mobile features like QR code scanning, uploading pictures straight into Work Instructions, digital task sign-off or receiving deviation alerts on their smartwatches. Since the interface is so intuitive, the need for training is drastically reduced.

Because 4Industry stores all your operational data in one place, this means you can make your manufacturing data actionable. Through machine learning, the platform is able to recognize issues and patterns and provide suggested solutions.

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4Industry, the Connected Worker platform for 4.0 factories

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Benefits of ServiceNow as digital MOS

4Industry is built on the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow is the platform of platforms that makes work flow. It is fully focused on digitizing and automating work and provides built-in intelligence. The platform is extremely future-proof and is already in use by most large enterprises.

A few benefits of ServiceNow:

  • Scalable
  • Easily configurable (low-code)
  • Quick implementation
  • Extremely operator-friendly
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Strategic advice & implementation

We offer a range of services around shop floor processes that help you achieve tangible results in improving worker performance:

Implementation Services grant you access to our experience in deploying the 4Industry solution. We drive results, work fast, and according to lean and first-time right principles, while relieving your valuable resources of significant workloads. After a first pilot of 3-5 months, a typical roll-out takes 4-6 weeks for full-factory deployments, including training and user acceptance.

Business Consultancy Services help you from the earliest stages of digital shop floor exploration all the way through to post-go-live services for optimal system use.

Support Services help you to maximize ROI and provide a truly great user experience.

Factory Digitization: Strategic advice & implementation

Contact person

Jim Austin Jim Austin
Director Americas
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