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ServiceNow Enterprise DevOps

Combine agility and control

By now, the DevOps way of working has been adopted by many companies. That’s no wonder, since it offers great value. But Enterprise DevOps is a whole different ballgame that can bring new challenges to the table.

One of the goals of DevOps is to bust silos. But when you start multiple initiatives with different DevOps tools and teams, the opposite happens. Teams and tools get disconnected, creating new island cultures in your organization. Ultimately, this will affect your employee and customer experience. Then there’s the autonomy the DevOps teams thrive under, which can turn into anarchy at enterprise scale. Lastly, a highly scattered tool landscape causes drift from uniformity and best practices, which can hinder quick decision making.

ServiceNow Enterprise DevOps connects your various DevOps tools. These can be tools for Planning, Backlog Management, Issue Tracking, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Source Control, Testing to Security and Cloud management. ServiceNow also offers a powerful Analytics & Insights feature, putting you (back) in control. But without compromising on agility! Thanks to change automation, you can improve reliability and quality, and shorten the time to market by 30%!

Now, let’s dive into the benefits a bit more.

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How to integrate ServiceNow and
Azure DevOps in 10 mins

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Focus on what matters most

Thanks to the single pane of glass ServiceNow offers by connecting all of your DevOps tools, you can better align DevOps teams to business goals. The teams know what tasks to prioritize but retain their autonomy at the same time. This allows you to find the ultimate balance between defining high-level strategy and goals, and the agility the teams need to execute the work at a fast pace. It also provides you with a high level of control, as you have end-to-end insight into the processes and can intervene if necessary.

Automate change

ServiceNow automates change approvals, speeding up the time to market and improving decision-making significantly. Change control often ends up being a bottleneck in the value delivery process. To manage risk, stay in control and for regulatory reasons, change approvals are necessary. But the average throughput time of a change approval is usually between 15 and 30 days. Once the flow is automated, ServiceNow can approve changes in a matter of seconds.

The process is automated based on several information sources, work items, code commits, product criticality, (automated) test results, application and infrastructure change history, current health statuses and digital track records of involved systems and engineers. This detailed information allows you to make informed decisions on your change approval structure and automation flows. In sum: by automating change, you keep control and free up resources at the same time.

See what you’re doing

Dashboards with powerful analytics provide insights into your DevOps practices. The data is sourced from every step of the DevOps process—from customer ideas, portfolio alignment, Epic and work item tracking to code commits, implemented changes and the amount of issues raised on the different applications.

The insights and short feedback loops allow you to prioritize (DevOps) work and better allocate team resources. You can measure overall and team performance, and spot areas for improvement—creating a continuous loop of improvement.

An Enterprise DevOps blueprint

We’ve created a detailed blueprint for Enterprise DevOps in ServiceNow. Our Enterprise DevOps Reference Architecture Poster explains how to govern the DevOps process at enterprise scale with a single platform (ServiceNow combined with our custom applications) using API and integration points to integrate your CD pipeline and infrastructure components.


Establish your vision and define your digital transformation roadmap

Transforming your organization to embrace DevOps and reap the benefits is more than just implementing a bunch of tools. It’s a journey with different stages and many different aspects (people, process and technology). Wherever you are in this journey, we are there to help you define your vision, goals and the steps to get there. If you’re interested in how we can help you realize the benefits of DevOps, and proofing value in a matter of weeks, watch our webinar recording on Enterprise DevOps.

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Want to know more about how to thrive in a fast-changing world using Enterprise DevOps?

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