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Customer Service Management

Deliver ultimate customer experience and satisfaction by engaging customers into live and omni-channel communication with ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM). Increase customer retention by resolving issues quickly and proactively.

Customers expect more than ever before

Today’s customers expect excellent service at their finger-tips, anywhere, anytime, easy and seamless. Customers do not compare you with your direct competitors, but to those providing the best service they have ever received. It has become vital to build strong customer care capabilities, allowing you to adapt to increasing expectations and to reach strategic goals.

And how is that working out? A survey conducted by Bain & Company shows that many businesses believe they deliver superior customer experience. However, less than 10% percent of their customers actually did agree. Quite a reality check. This discrepancy can result in losing customers, decreasing revenues and can even cause brand damage.

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Optimize your customer service with the advantages of chatbots

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Stay ahead of increasing customer expectations and demands

But how does ideal customer service look like? What do the customers want, nowadays? Three keywords show up: Short, concise and relevant. The modern customer expects fast and straightforward answers to any inquiry, containing information that is consistent and appropriate.

Today, time is the most important commodity. Businesses are required to serve their customers in a fast manner, whilst providing most personalized experience possible. Empowered by the modern technology and media, customers expect you to be ‘always on’. The right tools can help to reach these goals: keeping it short, concise and relevant.

Modernizing Customer Service Management with ServiceNow

Legacy Customer Service Management (CSM) systems with long waiting lines, endless call transfers and lack of agent’s knowledge to approach issues effectively is hindering relationships between organizations and their quickly departing clients. Slow resolution times, disconnected systems, lack of understanding between the problems and their causes have become critical issues in flexibility and progress of delivering service.

Fortunately, all current and potential customer data can be captured in one platform: ServiceNow. This platform offers a modern, transparent and effective way of providing customer service for demanding customers. It’s an ecosystem of tools and modernized processes to achieve the ultimate experience customers are wishing for.

The solution: Case Management

Case Management in ServiceNow focuses on capturing all necessary information from the customer inquiry in a case ticket, which can be used to resolve the issue as soon as possible and track down the resolution process. Here, every customer inquiry is registered and picked up by customer service agents that are ready to assist.

These cases contain the full communication record between customer and agent. In addition, it provides tools for resolution: agents can forward cases for the right departments based on the nature of the issue, search knowledge base for a quick answer or connect with Field Service agents who are close to the issue location to resolve the issue on the spot.

ServiceNow recognizes the challenge of delivering tailored customer experience. Therefore, their application provides several methods for customer engagement and communication that can be personalized to the company needs. Regardless of business or retail customers, ServiceNow provides channels that integrate with your strategy and customer preference.

Omnichannel solution for all

ServiceNow CSM offers solutions for multiple communication channels, so every type of customer can be accommodated. With this system, your customers can:

  • Send an email directly to the service desk, creating a case automatically
  • Call the agent via phone
  • Chat with actual or virtual agent for predefined topics
  • Reach you via social media such as Twitter or Facebook

Another popular solution is self-service. This can speed up problem solving immensely. The CSM solution offers a pre-configured online Service Portal where customers can submit requests themselves, like standard requests or password changes. In addition, Knowledge Management provides answers in a standard and user-friendly FAQ format.

Customer Service is a team sport: empower your employees

Customer Care is not the only department that is responsible for customer service. To deliver the most efficient and first-class service, the departments must work together to fix incoming issues and prevent new ones from occurring.

ServiceNow can help to create a seamless transition between different teams. CSM integrates well with other modules in ServiceNow that provides overall visibility processes and relationships among them. On top of that, tools such as Visual Task Board enable agents to assign tickets to the right departments for quick resolution, and help to create an overview of the progress.

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